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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan project will be headed by Tania Eros, who holds top positions at Google. He has returned to Pakistan from Singapore after resigning from his previous responsibilities.

Addressing the ceremony on Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Tania worked at Google and did not know how much money she was making but she had made the difficult decision to leave Google.

Who is Tania Eros?

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised his decision, saying that time will prove that the decision he made today will be a turning point in his life.

Tania Eros said during her speech at the event that she had been leaving Pakistan for 20 years.

Who is Tania Eros

He received his education from MIT. According to him, when he got the opportunity from MIT platform, he also conducted a case study on Pakistan.

According to him, seven years ago when he got the opportunity to launch a product from Google at Pakistan Business, Google’s Google, he moved from the US to Singapore.

He says that, but in doing so, he realized that what he was doing for Pakistan was not enough.

How did Tania Eros become involved in the project?

He says one of his acquaintances sent an email to the Prime Minister six to seven months ago to talk to Tania if she wanted to move to technology and digitalization. According to Tania Eros, she did not know about this email at this time.

According to Tania Eros, the Prime Minister’s Reform Team approached her and she was introduced to Jahangir Tareen, who listened to her ideas and agreed to come to Pakistan, and then the Prime Minister, along with others in her cabinet. Have meeting

Tania Eros’ first meeting with Imran Khan

According to Tania Eros, in her first meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, she made one thing very clear: ‘The list of Tania issues is very long here but you do not have to panic.’

Tania says that seeing everyone’s confidence, she felt that she could come to Pakistan and contribute to her development.

‘I just want to see the progress of Pakistan’

Addressing the inaugural function of the project today, he said, “After coming to this government last year, I felt confident that a servant like me could come back and do something with the government.” Because I believe this government cares about the common man. ‘

He said that people ask him what his political agenda is, so he wants to tell them, ‘My simple agenda is that I just want to see the progress of Pakistan.’

Tania eros

Referring to the Digital Pakistan program, he said the aim was to create digital talent and literacy.

“If we have to move towards science and technology, we have to start at the very least,” he said. We have to make science and technology education common among children too. ‘

Tania Eros said that four years after leaving university in Pakistan, the young people who are leaving the curriculum are outdated compared to other worlds and are unable to participate in the global economy.

“If this issue is not resolved yet, we will see its effects in ten to 20 years,” he said. He emphasized that this is not possible without improving the curriculum.

He emphasized that it should make it easier for investors in the country to open new technology companies.

Addressing those who suspected the success of the project at the end of his address, he said, “Don’t ask us this question whether it can happen in Pakistan or not. How soon will we start it.”

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