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Smartphones that have become a necessity of every person in today’s world and people do not even consider going away for a moment. I go to the water –

In such a situation, it is imperative for a human being to sin and he goes through a process of haste or mistake that causes him to lose his smartphone forever in his hands. I will point out that by following these steps you can not only dry out the water going into your smartphone but also make it work again.

1: Power off

If the phone accidentally falls into the water, it must first power off so that the water entering does not damage its internal circuit.

2: Remove the SIM and memory card

Remove the SIM and the memory card from the phone so that they do not have water inside and their jackets are safe.

3: Keep it in the sun

Sunshine may be the best way to teach water, but generally in our country the sunshine can be very high in magnitude, which can damage the circuit board of the phone so avoiding keeping the phone in severe sunlight

4: Use a hair dryer

The hair dryer can also teach water from the phone, but it is important to take care not to heat any part for too long.

5. Put in the rice

Rice counts in ingredients that absorb the moisture of the material it contains, so keeping the phone in the water for a few hours in raw rice will dry out the moisture in it.

6: Wrap in tissue paper

Tissue paper is also made of paper that absorbs water quickly, so by wrapping the phone in tissue paper, the water inside it becomes dry. Despite all of this, it is important to take the service center to get the phone fixed immediately and let them know how the phone is damaged.

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