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After the son’s marriage, the daughter-in-law arrives at home. Mothers who wish to look at the son’s head in the face also wish to bring a moon-like flow.

But generally in most households, when a woman’s dream is fulfilled, the interpretation of that dream turns out to be quite different from the expectations. And the mother-in-law’s daughter starts to cry, and even the son who dreamed of getting married, the son starts to feel sad and miserable. In all these situations it is important to remember that as the child grows older, the responsibility of the home environment is the mother’s responsibility.

1: Recognize newcomers to the home

As a result of son’s marriage a new person is added to the house and this increase has a direct effect on the life of the son’s mother while the son who used to give his mother first in the house is now giving it to his wife. If the mother starts to behave intolerance on this occasion, it can make matters worse, so a mother should be prepared ahead of time that when the daughter-in-law arrives at home, she must The husband will give her time so it is better to acknowledge this fact –

2: Do not interfere in the affairs of your daughter-in-law

In the early days of marriage, there are many cases in which it is natural for a spouse to be in conflict. At this time, taking the side of one person as the elder of the household can make the other person misbehaving on your behalf. So give both of them the opportunity to decide their own affairs.

3: Keep track of your son’s income

The mother has all the calculations for the salary and other income of the son before marriage, but when his wife comes after the marriage, he has the right now so he should have the opportunity to earn the money of his husband. To become an owner –

4: Avoid complaining to your daughter-in-law

Let the daughter-in-law, who has left your parents and all relationships in the name of your son, take her as your daughter and try to remove the flaws as you would against your daughter. To complain of her every mistake to her parents or to her husband.

5: Become a habit of mutual consultation

The daughter-in-law is now part of your home, take her into your home affairs and not only consult her in the decisions of the house, but also share them in these matters.

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