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Mustard oil has numerous benefits and can be used in a variety of homemade baskets – today we suggest you use mustard oils that will be useful for you in the winter, and for many issues this season. Regarding control, will be helpful

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Best for the skin

Mustard oil is rich in vitamin E, which is good for the skin, applying it on the skin reduces fine lines and wrinkles and acts like a sunscreen. However, applying too much oil on the body can be harmful and itchy, while people with oily and sensitive skin should avoid it. Mixing the same amount of coconut oil and mustard oil also improves the color of the skin.

Eliminate the problem of nail splints and broken nails

Heat bloating becomes quite common in monsoons and winters, and to prevent this, mix and heat an equal amount of wax and mustard oil, which will make it thicker. Apply this mixture to the affected part of the heel and wear cotton socks and swell. Similarly, applying mustard oil on nails strengthens the surface by absorbing and nourishing them.

Improve hair growth

If the hair is falling or the growth rate is slowed, the use of mustard oil can be helpful in this regard. Mustard oil contains carotene, accelerates hair growth, improves blood circulation within the head while anti-bacterial properties protect the head from infection. Similarly, grinding mustard seeds and mixing them in mustard oil and letting them stay overnight on the head can help to control the problem of hair fall.

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