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In Los Angeles, three well-known plastic surgery doctors have chosen Hussein according to Hassan’s prescribed criteria.

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Two Arab women are among the world’s 100 most beautiful women

According to a foreign news agency, two Arab women have also been included in the hundred Hussains of the world.

Surprisingly, none of the Arab actresses who were competing for Hussein’s women were selected, but Egypt’s Heidi Musa remained in the competition.

Sehilla Bin Lashhab, the star of Algeria’s Sta Reddy, came in at 97th. She was previously ranked 79th. Moroccan’s Hanan Al Khazar went out of competition.

Heidi Moses of Egypt ranked 70th. Leading actress Emily Clark topped the list, while Amir Heard finished second with Alexander Dido third and Angelina Jolie fourth.

Mahira Khan has become the most beautiful woman in the world. Musa is an Egyptian artist and singer. He is graduating in 2018 from the General Plumbing Faculty of Mansura University. Has won Best Singer Award during 2016 and 2018.

Heidi Musa for the first time woken up to her art at Star Academy. Shirin sang a song for Abdul Wahab, whose lyrics were ‘Anna Kali Malik’ (I belong to you, my whole being).

The singer made a magical impression with unique sounds and a strong sense of humor. Thanks to this song, Heidi reached the peak of popularity in the 11th season of the Star Academy program.

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