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Fall fashion trends today!(electronic music)Hi ladies, its Erin, and welcome back to my channel.If you are new to my channel, hi, welcome!I do upload two new videos every week,every Wednesday and Friday mornings. So be sure to hit that subscribe button.You get the notification sand you don’t miss out on anything new. Fall fashion trends, I know its kinda crazy,it feels like its so far away but it really is right around the corner and we need to start thinking about what the trends are. As I always specify before any trend video: trends are trends, they come and go.You do not need to wear trends.

Top Ten Fashion Trends Fall
Top Ten Fashion Trends Fall

You can certainly dress in a very classic way, you can totally ignore the trends.The reason I share the trends with you is because I want you all to be empowered, informed shoppers. Plus, I know that you are like me,and you don’t have the time to deal with figuring out what the trends are.(laughing)Who has time to pour over websites and magazines? I am doing it because I love it, but you guys don’t have time to do that, so let me do it for you so you don’t have to. (electronic music) The first trend I wanna talk about are plaids. And plaids I feel like weve been talking about for a few years now. Still going strong, Still big bold colors. But then also some really classic plaids, some hounds tooth and some herringbone and then some really yummy like, brown plaids.

You remember the Veronica Beard jacket from the Nordstrom sale? That is a beautiful, versatile neutral plaid. So just thinking about maybe picking up a plaid piece,whether that is a blazer or a really cool pair of trousers. It feels very retro but it also feels very classic. Feels like something you can wear for years to come. With trends, there is always this incubatory period where a trend is introduced and then it kind of keeps going and keeps going and keeps going, and it usually just takes on little different twists. So plaid, like I said again,weve been talking about it for years,still going strong. You know, the newer twists would probably be that they are more like brown tones,and that sort of throwback is style plaid.(electronic music)

Second trend I wanna talk about is over sized outer wear!Look at this Marc Jacobs outfit from the runway.That is crazy!I don’t really think that this is going to translate,but what I do think is that it will manifesting slightly over sized, slightly. A little bit baggier, a little bit slouchier,more of a cocoon shape, you know, not quite as fitted,more boyfriend style. That is how I feel like this outerwear trend is going to manifest into your life.So that is just something to think about, you know,if you have got a whole closet full of fitted jackets,maybe you wanna look for a couple that are not so fitted,maybe a little bit more over sized,a little bit more slouchy,a little bit more boyfriend style.(electronic music)Get crafty.

Its like, you know, arts and crafts project. It looks like stuff that you put together on your own. So it would be patchwork, quilting, crochet, just this real bohemian, almost folksy feeling look. For me personally, that one does not speak to me at all,but if you are a real bohemian spirit,free spirit, this may really speak to you and this is your moment to shine.(laughing)(electronic music)The next trend is floral. Here is another one weve been talking about it for years!Floral. I think it was like, two years ago I said it, dark florals on trend. So florals are still just having a moment,and I feel like if you want some real floral inspiration,look at Valentino and Dolce, Gabbana,they really do floral prints right. I do think floral prints are hard to get right because they can look really tacky and couchy. (laughing)Upholstery-ish. You know what I mean, the prints that look just like they could be on your grandmothers couch? Or those like drapes in The Sound of Music? You don’t want anything that is like too over the top tacky, you want very tasteful, modern floral prints.So that is just something to think about.(electronic music)The next trend is 80s!Yes, so what about the 80s?Cause there was a lot going on during the 80s.

I was really into neon in fifth grade,and so you guys will not believe this,like not only did I have the Michael Jackson glove, but I had a pair of fluorescent pink finger less mesh gloves.Like, very Material Girl type gloves. And then I had a matching sheer neon pink scarf that I used to wear with the gloves. I don’t know, like, my poor mom. How did she let me out of the house? I thought that was the coolest thing in the whole world. And I am crying thinking about it, that is how bad it was.(laughing)Oh, I wish I had a picture of those gloves I could show you guys, but I do not.The 80s that is happening right now is leather, leather, leather, leather, lots of leather. Also very strong shoulders.

By the way, if you haven’t seen this dress designer Zhivago,Z-H-I-V-A-G-O, they make gorgeous dresses that are incredibly is, like Dynasty 80s. They feel modern, so its just cool, check it out!(electronic music)The next trend is transparency.And that is everything from trench coats being very clear plastic vinyl to see-through bags, to Lucite straps on shoes,to see-through heels on pumps and shoes and sandals and booties. There is also a little bit of a twist on the transparency trend,and that is almost this holographic look.Kind of like the way gasoline looks on top of the water.Its like this rainbow of colors on top of the plastic.I don’t know how that is gonna manifest into our life into real world dressing,but its interesting and I do think that if you are drawn to this a little bit,maybe you try the clear shoes or you try the clear bag,you know, something small to begin with.(electronic music)The next trend, which I don’t really see as a trend because I wear it all the time, is all white.So that is head to toe all white. I have talked about this before,when you do wear all white,it is nice to mix tones, mix textures,don’t feel like oh my gosh,these pants are bright white,and I cant wear that sweater because its not bright white, its ivory.Yes, you can. Don’t worry about it.It actually gives the outfit more interest and depth when you mix those tones,as long as the fabric is nice and the pieces are cut nice and they flatter you, mix em up.Mix up the textures.Mix up the tones.So all whites a big trend for fall.

And all white, ahh, looks so gorgeous in the fall.You know such a contrast to all the black and gray,and looks so luxe and gorgeous and sophisticated.(electronic music)The next trend are vintage jackets and coats. Like shearling for example, lots of leather, suede.Jackets that look like you picked them up at a vintage shop.So a perfect example would be one that I picked up from the Nordstrom sale.This suede trench coat by Avec le Filles. It looks exactly like one I did pick up from a thrift shop when I was 24 years old, or 25 years old.So that is the trend, basically, whats old is new again.So these really vintage looking jackets and coats that look like they could have been in your moms closet,or your grand moms closet,and then all of these nice yummy brown tones.And Ill talk a bit more about the color trends in a minute.(electronic music)

The next trend is pumps reinvented.What do I mean by that? Its not just your traditional pointed toe pump with the stiletto heel. Its like, pumps with these deep Vs in the front,or straps across the foot, or sculptural, artistic heels,round-ball heels, cone-shaped heels. All different types of shapes and silhouettes for that pump. Its a complete reinvention of the shoe,and so you are gonna see a lot of different options. And this is a really fun way to add some of that freshness into your wardrobe that is not going to break the bank. So you just get a couple,like maybe get one new pair of pumps that have a strap across the footer that really beautiful sculptural heelor maybe that deep V in the front and you feel like, okay, I have got this one modern piece,its a trend but it doesn’t feel too crazy for me.It feels comfortable for me.And that is a good way to kind of dip your toe into the trends for the season.(electronic music)

Lastly, I wanna talk about color trends.You know, what colors are going to be hot for fall.There are a few.The first one is red.Power red.Red, red, red.And not just red, but head to toe red.Kind of like the all white, the all red.You guys may remember I did an all red suit look last fall. That is still very much a trend,so you can do the red booties, the red suit,the red power suit, the red dress, the red lip.You know, match all the reds.And then also metallic are, as well. They are still going very strong.And browns.So the newest kinda color kid on the block is brown.And you are like, yeah,brown has been around for a long time.It sure has.But it went away for a while.And now its coming back. I am happy about it, I really love brown. I have always loved brown.And yes, you can wear black and brown together. Don’t worry about it. Abso-tootly. If you have a brown coat and you wanna wear your black booties, do it up.Black purse with a brown coat, yes.Do it up. I am excited about that, cause I do really love brown. Maybe you don’t, you don’t have to wear the browns.But the other nice thing about this is, you know,for those of you who don’t like to wear black,peppering in those brown tones could really replace those black wardrobe basics,so you can build a wardrobe basics wardrobe around browns and beige’s and navies instead of blacks and whites.Okay, so those are your top 10 trends,the biggest trends, for the season.And also I think the most wearable trends.And now, I did mention a couple that I don’t think are very wearable,but I explained how that trend may manifest into your closet.The reason I like to share the trends with you guy sis again, so you don’t have to deal with it.I know you don’t have time to deal with it,so I have done all the research for you.I will put links to any suggested pieces per trend that I have in the description box.And if you have any questions, you know,as always just comment below.Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.Hit that subscribe button and of course, over on the website,different content over there, freestyle. When you do subscribe to my weekly newsletter,you get a bunch of freebies.You get the wardrobes basics checklist,and you get a look book,which is actually brand new, I redid it.And you also get that weekly exclusive email with a recap of the week.Thank you guys so much for watching!Hope you enjoyed it.And I will see you next time.Bye!(electronic music)

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