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First episode:

As the bus was passing through the hill area, a sudden lightning flake approached the bus and went back. ‘The bus kept moving’. After half an hour, the electricity came back ‘towards the back of the bus but went back’ the bus continued moving The lightning struck again, this time she was attacked on the right side but also returned for the third time. The driver was sensible. He stopped the car and said, ‘Brothers, there is a sinner on the bus.

The lightning is searching for him, “If we don’t take it down we will all be killed” “There was an uproar on the bus and all the passengers started to look at each other with suspicion.” Is’ we all come down one by one

And stand under the tree ‘The sinner of us will be the lightning will fall on it and the rest will be saved’ This proposal was feasible ‘All passengers agreed’ The driver first got off and ran. Stood under the tree

The lightning flashed in the sky but she did not come to the driver. She went back on the bus. The other passenger landed and stood under the tree. The electricity did not even pay attention to it. The third passenger also survived. Stayed ‘Standing under the tree and kept going back until only one passenger survived’ It was a dirty passenger ‘Conductor took him aboard the bus’ Passengers began to say goodbye. ۔

People were saying, “We are sitting on death’s throat because of you. Get off the bus right away.” They were also asking him for details of the sins that awaited him in an agonizing death. The passenger was not ready to get off but people wanted to get off the bus at all costs. The passengers first ordered him to fly by saying good-bye, then explained him affectionately and finally dragged him off.

He sometimes grabbed the back of a seat ‘sometimes with a rod and sometimes knocked on the door but people did not stop.’ He dragged him away and the driver drove off.

The sinner “went a few meters ahead” heard a thunderstorm “Gary on the electric bus and all the passengers were burnt in a few seconds” The sinful traveler was saving the lives of the passengers for two hours.

Second event:

Someone told me of an interesting incident: ‘He wanted to go to Turkey via Greece’. Agent took him to Turkey. It began to snow with other people in Izmir. ‘Winter was the best time to enter Europe.’ Because of the security personnel used to be stabbed in the fronts, the border was stopped, agents boarded people in boats and took them off the coast of Greece. This was a common practice of agents.

He said, “We were at the agent’s tent in Turkey. We had a dirty lad of Gujranwala with us. He didn’t even wash or brush his teeth. It smelled awful.” Avoid ‘We boarded the boat in December’ None of us wanted to take the boy with him ‘We tried to stop him but he started crying’ The agent had less time. Knocked him down and threw him into the boat. When the boat entered the borders of Greece, the Coast Guard was active.

Greece was probably informed of our boat ‘The agent tried to enter Greece through various routes but the Coast Guard was on every path’ In the meantime the boy’s nature deteriorated ‘he began to vomit’ We told the agent The protest started ‘The agent was in tension’ He got angry ‘He took the help of two boys and threw him into the cold water’ He ate reckless crabs ‘We went ahead’ We were half a kilometer ahead. We were about to start firing. The agent tried to turn the boat.

The boat could not maintain its balance and it was swept in the water ‘We all dug into the water’ I handed myself the cold ‘Water and fear’ My eyes opened and I was in the hospital ‘The staff told me the boat. All the riders are dead ‘Only two people are children’ I asked about the other person ‘The doctor removed my bed cover’ The second bed had the same boy that we had thrown into the sea with our hands’ The waves of the sea pushed it to the coast.

I was rescued by the Coast Guard while the rest were shot or died of cold. “I stayed in the hospital for fifteen days” while I kept thinking “why I survived” I have no answer. Used to think

As I was discharging from the hospital, I remembered the boy wearing a life jacket. When the agent was coming to throw him into the water, I immediately pulled the jacket out of the box and wore it. It was the goodness that saved me ‘as soon as I remembered that goodness.

I remember all the time we had with this boy for six months. Not only did we survive in Turkey because of that, but we were safe from the Coast Guards as long as they were in our boat. From cold water and even to death “As soon as we pushed him out of the boat death struck us” I pleaded with the police “I want to meet my partner”, police said.

He is waiting for you in the police van. “I got in the car and hugged him on the way.

At that time I could not smell anything from his body ‘I knew my comrades smelled his death from his body’. It was the death of those who wanted to separate him and he As soon as everyone was separated, they went in search of death.

Third event:

An elderly friend of mine was a billionaire in her youth, but the last part of her life was spent in Ashtar. She told me her story one day. One cousin was disabled ‘cousin’s parents died’ No one left behind ‘My father was pityed’ They brought him home ‘We were five siblings’ The house had poverty and a disabled uncle from above. Head-to-head, ‘Mom didn’t look good to her’, she used to wear them all day.

We also hated him because of my mother, but my father loved him ‘He used to feed them by hand, clean his bras and wear them.’

God did it ‘Our circumstances changed’ Our father set up a small furnace ‘This furnace became a factory and he turned it into a factory’ We became billionaires ‘Our father died in the 1980s’ He uncle In Turkey I found ‘I kept them in my house for a few months but I was tired quickly.

I put them in the insane box ‘They died in the insane box just died their whole family came to the floor from the throne’ Our factories ‘Our house and our cars everything auctioned’ Bread drains ‘We knew then our disabled uncle was guaranteed our sustenance’ We were living in the palaces because of them.

When they left, our bail was over and our palace was abandoned. We were on the road.

Lessons from three events:

These three events are for you ‘we do not know who we are living for’ because of whom we are successful and because of which we are living in the palace ‘we do not even know who we are off the bus. Who will we throw out of the boat and whose food plate will we take and that person will take our sustenance and carry on with our lives’

We don’t always know, so we shouldn’t just take the risk of getting someone out of the boat and into the house until we recognize that person. Because maybe we have everything that belongs to this person and if he is gone, then everything is gone ‘we will not live’ become a pile of dust.

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