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After a spectacular view of the eclipse seen a few days ago, the eclipse will now be seen.

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The first partial eclipse of the year 2020 will also be seen in Pakistan today

This eclipse scenario can also be seen in Pakistan, where local time eclipse will start at seven o’clock at seven o’clock on Friday and continue for four hours and four minutes.

The eclipse ends on January 11 at 2.12am. The eclipse can be seen in Pakistan and India as well as in other Asian countries, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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The partial lunar eclipse will be at its peak at 12 o’clock at ten o’clock, and it will be the time when 90% of the moon’s shadow will be illuminated by the shadow of the earth.

Tonight’s eclipse will be a partial eclipse. That is, the central shadow of the earth will fall on the moon, causing it to shine.

There will be a total of six occurrences of the solar eclipse in 2020. It will have two eclipses and four eclipses. Following the eclipse today, the next lunar eclipse will be on June 5, July 5 and November 30.

In addition, the first eclipse of the year 2020 will take place on June 21, while the second and last eclipse will take place on December 14.

Remember that the eclipse that took place on December 26 last year was seen in most countries of the world.

When does the moon eclipse?

During the sun’s rotation, our planet (earth) falls between the moon and the sun in such a way that due to the shadow of the earth the moon is hidden. This is possible only when the sun, earth, and moon are moving in their orbit.

When the earth comes between the moon and the sun when the full moon is on its way out, its shadow falls on the moon, causing the moon’s light to turn into darkness.

And in such a situation when we stand on the ground and see the moon, it seems foggy and dark and that is why it is called eclipse.

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