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he web has made it unfathomably simple for anybody to sell advanced items straightforwardly to clients through sites, internet based life, and email bulletins. You can sell PDF digital books, MP3 music, photographs, programming applications, gift vouchers, permit keys, coupon codes, site formats, text styles, illustrations, video courses, and a lot increasingly downloadable records.

While there are many web based business stages that assist you with selling advanced items – Gumroad, E-addict, Paddle, FastSpring, Shopify, Instamojo and WooCommerce, to give some examples, here’s a do-it-without anyone’s help arrangement that will assist you with building your own computerized store in less than 5 minutes utilizing PayPal and your Google account.

How the work process functions?

Before we get into the usage, here’s a major picture perspective on how the installment and computerized conveyance work process works.

Implant the “Purchase Now” catches into your site or blog. Purchasers can pay with all significant charge cards utilizing 1-advance checkout.

Purchaser taps the catch, enters the card subtleties and finishes the installment. The client remains on your site and isn’t diverted anyplace to finish the buy.

The request is conveyed to the client in a customized email message. You can likewise join an expense receipt in the affirmation messages.

You can go to the live demo page and experience the 1-advance checkout experience on your work area or cell phone.

Sell Digital Downloads with PayPal and Google Drive

The work process uses Google Drive for safely facilitating records, PayPal for handling installments, Google Sheets for creating proficient PDF solicitations and Gmail for conveying the request to the purchaser as document connections.

There are no confinements on the size of records or the quantity of items that you can sell. There are no transfer speed or capacity confinements. There’s no exchange expense with the exception of the installment handling expenses that are charged by PayPal and Stripe.

Begin Selling Digital Goods

Here’s a bit by bit video instructional exercise that clarifies how you can without much of a stretch sell computerized items with PayPal and Google Drive.

Stage 1: Create a PayPal App

Go to developer.paypal.com and sign-in with your PayPal account. On the off chance that you don’t have one, join here for another Business account.

Inside your PayPal dashboard, go to My Apps and Credentials > Rest API Apps and make another application. You can give your application any name all things considered for inward utilize as it were. PayPal will presently make customer certifications for testing and live exchanges that we’ll require in the subsequent stage.

Stage 2: Create a PayPal Webhook

At the point when a purchaser finishes the buy and makes the installment, PayPal will send your application a warning by calling a particular URL and this is known as a webhook.

To make a webhook, go to digitalgoods.dev/duplicate and duplicate the Google Sheet to your Google Drive. Inside the sheet, go to Tools > Script Editor, the pick Publish > Deploy As Web App and snap the Update catch to make your PayPal webhook. Duplicate the URL to the clipboard.

You should approve the content once since it needs to do all the activity – send messages, join Drive records, produce PDF solicitations – for your sake.

Stage 3: Configure App inside Google Sheet

Change to the “Arrangement” sheet inside the Google Spreadsheet and glue the webhook URL inside the “webhook” field. Next, duplicate glue the Client ID and Secret created in stage 1 inside the relating fields of the Google Sheet.

There are scarcely any other required fields in the sheet. Pick your default money, the delivery inclination (regardless of whether you need to catch the location on the purchaser), determine your image name and the delicate descriptor (this will appear in the financial record of the purchaser).

Go to the Digital Goods menu in the sheet (it is close to the Help menu) and pick Test PayPal Configuration to check the PayPal-Google Sheets association.

Stage 4: Add your Digital Products

Change to the “Things” sheet and enter the default expense rate in the cell E1. Next, include at least one items in the sheet. You just need to determine the cost of the thing in segment D, the Tax and Total Amount is naturally determined dependent on the assessment rate set in E1.

To connect records to your computerized item, feature the Files segment, at that point go to the Digital Goods menu and pick Attach Drive Files. It opens the Google File picker and you can choose at least one records from your Google Drive that will be sent to the purchaser after they buy the relating item.

Stage 4: Create the Tax Invoice Template

Change to the “Receipt” sheet and tweak the receipt layout. You can utilize equations, include your logos, apply styles to coordinate your image and the format would be changed over to a PDF document and sent as a record connection in the request affirmation messages.

The receipt format can incorporate placemarkers, like the ones you have utilized inside Document Studio. For example, the {{Name}} variable will be supplanted with the complete name of the client as found in the PayPal request. The {{Email}} variable is supplanted with the purchaser’s email address while the {{Invoice Id}} adds a novel receipt number to your receipt.

Stage 5: Create the Order Confirmation Email

Change to the “Email” sheet and make the HTML format that will be sent to clients after they complete the installment. The email will consequently incorporate the records and receipt as connections however you can alter the email message and subject.

The primary line in the sheet is the subject and everything else will go in the message body. The messages, similar to Mail Merge, can be customized and you can likewise utilize HTML labels to include pictures, connections and rich substance in the messages.

Stage 6: Test your PayPal catches

Since you have added the items to the Google Sheet, the time has come to test the mix in sandbox mode before you insert the catches on your live site.

Return to your PayPal dashboard, and pick Credit Card Generator in the correct sidebar. Here you can create arbitrary Visa numbers with termination date and CVV for testing your catches in sandbox mode.

Inside the Google Sheet, pick Digital Tools > Embed PayPal Buttons to create the HTML insert code for your advanced items. The screen offers insert codes in both the live mode and the sandbox mode.

Snap the Try button by the Sandbox mode and you’ll have the option to test the catches directly inside the Google Sheet. Snap the Visa symbol, enter the counterfeit charge card number and snap “Pay Now” to finish the test exchange.

PayPal summons the Webhook and it triggers the request work process. Change to the “Logs” sheet and you’ll before long locate another section for the exchange that you simply finished. Open your Gmail Sent things organizer and you’ll discover a duplicate othe f email that was sent the purchaser’s email.

On the off chance that your combination is filling in true to form, go to the Embed PayPal menu in the sheet and this time duplicate the implant code for the “Live” mode and glue it in your site. Your item is currently live and anybody on the planet can purchase your item with a solitary advance checkout.

Here’s an example email that will go out to clients after the buy.

All the approaching requests can be followed continuously inside the “Business” tab of the Google Sheet. The sheet incorporates the client’s name, email address, the request outline and the purchaser’s postal location. The location is just accessible in the event that you have set the transportation inclination in the arrangement sheet to “GET_FROM_FILE”.

You can straightforwardly run Mail Merge with Gmail inside this sheet to effortlessly send item updates to existing clients. On the off chance that you have been utilizing PayPal preceding changing to Digital Goods, put all the PayPal messages under another Gmail mark, extricate the email addresses inside the sheet and utilize that rundown for your consolidation.

The most effective method to Sell Unique License Keys and Codes

In certain organizations, you might need to send one of a kind codes to the client. These may incorporate permit numbers to open programming applications (as we do at Digital Inspiration), passwords to access gushing video courses, markdown coupons, gift vouchers, occasion enrollment numbers and the sky is the limit from there.

This is simple with Digital Goods. Open the “Codes” sheet in the spreadsheet and the pregenerated rundown of codes in one of the sections. Give this segment a title as appeared in the screen capture above. Next, incorporate the {{column title}} in your email mesage and an extraordinary code will be included spot of the marker.

Inside, the application takes a gander at the last line of the Sale sheet (the present request), gets the codes from that equivalent push in the Codes sheet and adds them to your email/receipt.

Investigating Tips

The video instructional exercise clarifies the whole work process in extraordinary detail yet in the event that you are as yet confronting any issues, here are a few hints:

Go to the design sheet and set “yes” for the troubleshoot setting. Next, do a test exchange inside sandbox mode and check the Logs sheet for any mistakes.

Go the Digital Goods menu and run Test Configuration again to guarantee that your PayPal sandbox and live qualifications are right.

PayPal, in uncommon cases, may defer the conveyance of webhooks. Go to the PayPal dashboard and pick Webhooks (interface) to get a rundown of as of late handled webhook occasions and their status. You can open a case at paypal-techsupport.com for help.

Ensure that you have not renamed or erased any of the first sheets in your duplicated Google Spreadsheet.

Open your Chrome Dev Tools, change to the system tab and ensure that your adblockers are not obstructing the PayPal content.

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