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When the decision was made in the National Assembly

To give Qadianism an opportunity to own it

If you come to the National Assembly to give a stand and argue !!

Mirza Nasir Qadiani wore a white turban in a white turban. The white beard – the verses of the Quran were also read. And if you used the name of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in the blessed language, you would read the Durud-e-Sharif along with the whole literature.

In such a way, changing members’ minds is not an easy task.

This problem was huge and difficult

Thank God that Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Sahib was honored by the whole House and Nawrani woke up at night to read books of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. As a result, after the long statement of Mirza Tahir Qadiani, when the Jahrah began, the questions were now answered by Noorani Sahib and by Mirza Tahir Qadiani in your service.

Q. What do you believe about Mirza Ghulam Ahmed?

Answer: They are the Umayyad Prophet.

Question – Has it been revealed to you?

The answer.

Question. Any possibility of error (in it)?

The answer is no.

Question: Mirza Qadiani has said that a person who does not believe in me “even if he does not have my name (he) is a disbeliever.

The answer is blasphemy. But the sixth are the disbelievers, as Imam Bukhari has mentioned in his saheeh tradition.

Question: Next Mirza has said: Is your disbeliever?

Answer – This means that they are ripe for their unbelief.

Question: As before, the circle is out of Islam. However, does not blasphemy cause the expulsion of the nation?

Answer – In fact, there are many categories of Islam. If one is left out of another, some is not.

The question is, in one place did he sound like hell?

(Norani says here that when the members of the strong assembly heard this, everyone’s ears were shaking as if they were hell-bent.

Another question on this occasion is whether a prophet came before Mirza Qadiani who is a Ummah? Is Siddique Akbar or Hazrat Umar Farooq the Amit Prophet?

the answer. Were not

On this answer Noorani Sahib said that after Mirza Qadiani died, your faith became one. Be it as if your abolished prophet is Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. And our end prophet is the Prophet.

Answer: They were annihilated. This is their own perfection.

Question: Mirza Ghulam Qadiani has said about his books. Every Muslim looks at him with love and affection. He accepts me.

Answer: The meaning is that of rebellious people.

Question: The word ‘reproach’ has come in the Holy Quran.

Answer – In the Qur’an is rebellious.

On this answer Noorani Sahib said that there is only difference of difference between the unique and the plural. You cannot use this word without any meaning other than this meaning (adultery).

(And Mirza Tahir was terrific here)

After a 13-day question-answer, when the decision came, on 22 August 1974, a committee consisting of six members was formed by the opposition. Ghulam Farooq Sahib “Sardar Maula Bakhsh Soomro Sahib and the Minister of Law Abdul Hafeez Pirzada Sahib were appointed by the government. They were tasked with resolving this constitutionally and legally, so that the constitution will remain forever in Pakistan. The infidel should be listed. But another scene awaits on this occasion …

In the National Assembly on the Unbelievable and Lahore Group

The rally in the National Assembly on the Kufr-Qadianiyat and Lahiri group continued for thirteen days. Eleven days on the Rabboh group and two days on the Lahore group. Eight hours each day. ۔ Then another debate began with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government on how to write the “brainstorming” of the case in Pakistan.

After constant debate …

There were several meetings of this committee from the evening of August 22 to September 5, 1974. But a unanimous solution could not be made. Under section 106, non-Muslim minorities were represented in provincial assemblies. One in Balochistan, one in the border, one in Sindh and three in Punjab and some six in the name of minorities.

Noorani Sahib and other committee members wanted the Qadianis to be included in the line of 6, so that no “doubts” were left.

The Bhutto government was not prepared for this.

Noorani said that when the names of minorities and sects are in the list, please write down their names.

Pirzada replied that these minorities themselves demanded that our name be written. While this is not a demand for marijuana.

Noorani said, “This is a proof of your narrow mindedness and of our generosity that we are giving these crazies to them without their demand.”

The committee could not make any decision on this discussion till the evening of September 5, so on September 6, Prime Minister Bhutto called the entire committee members, including Noorani Sahib, but the debate here resulted in zero effort. To amend the Article 106 should be allowed to remain.

However, Noorani Sahib and other committee members agreed that without this the solution would be adhura.

After a great deal of debate, Bhutto said, I will think.

After Asar, the meeting of the National Assembly commenced. Noorani Sahib and the Committee reiterated their position that Section 106 should be used to name and specify the names of the minorities along with other minorities.

And the bracket should be called Qadiani and Lahori group.

Pirzada Sahib said that he does not call himself Murzee, says Ahmadi.

Noorani said that Ahmadi is us. We do not recognize him as Ahmadi. Then he said that let’s write to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

Pirzada Sahib said that he does not call himself Murzee, says Ahmadi.

Noorani said that Ahmadi is us. We do not recognize him as Ahmadi. Then he said that let’s write to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

The ministers pointed out that there is no name of a person in the constitution (although Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s name is present in the constitution) and wondered again why did Nurrani name Mirza and follow the constitution? Perhaps Nurrani would have avoided this. (But Noorani is back to Noorani)

Noorani Sahib replied that the names of Shaytan-Balees-Pigs and Pharaoh are present in the Koran. Has the influence of these names had any effect on the authenticity and purity of the Holy Quran?

On this occasion, Law Minister Pirzada Sahib went on to say that he was terrific.

Let’s write what we call Ahmadi.

Noorani said that the bracket is in the secondary position. This is just for clarification. So there are two Qadiani groups – Lahori group who call themselves Ahmadi.

Historical Decision …

September 7, 1974 was a memorable day in the parliamentary history of our country, Pakistan, when the martyrs of 1953 and 74 brought the blood of propaganda to extinction. Excluded from

Article 260 of the Constitution adds to this historic clause.

“A person who does not believe in the complete and unconditional prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” As a prophet or religious affiliate. He is not a Muslim for the purposes of the Constitution or the law.

And the new form of section 106 is like this…

The provincial assemblies of the Balochistan Punjab border and Sindh provinces will have specific seats for persons belonging to Christian, Hindu, Sikh and Persian sects and Qadianis groups or Lahoris (who call themselves Ahmadis) or Scheduled Castes. Are. He (Balochistan) will have one seat in Balochistan, one in Punjab, three in Punjab and two in Sindh. This is on the record of the assembly. Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

The decision deserves congratulations to the whole nation, not only in Pakistan but also in the world of Islam. I think Murazis should also accept this decision with a happy heart, as they now have legitimate rights for non-Muslims. And again he said that politically, this is what I can say (the country’s) problems are not solved in gunfire.

Note) There is no need for comments like this from the companions. Just request to have this awareness of the end of Prophecy campaign and share it as much as possible,

 This is the struggle of our elders. Send us these chilling words on your wall, even in pieces, to our new generation.

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