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Chinese authorities have restricted public transport to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in China, and the Pakistani embassy has also urged its citizens to take strict precautions.

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Pakistanis urge caution to prevent spread of corona virus in China, visas extended

A statement issued by the Pakistani embassy in China said public transport, flights and train transport were suspended.

Visas for Pakistanis whose visas are expiring are also being extended.

In Wuhan City, Pakistanis have been asked to cooperate fully with the health department and follow the instructions given by the Chinese administration.

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Safety and Precautions

Wash your hands regularly with soap

In the event of a fever, cough and shortness of breath, consult a physician immediately

Avoid visiting markets in the affected areas and keep distance from livestock and their habitat as well.

Avoid foods containing meat, milk and eggs.

Be very careful in the transfer of raw meat and animal parts

The embassy is in touch with Pakistani citizens and students, a statement from the Pakistani embassy said.

The embassy appealed to Pakistani citizens to immediately notify the local administration and the Pakistani embassy if anyone has confirmed the virus. At the same time, people have been told not to pay too much attention to the sensational news coming on social media.

Prospects of corona virus in Pakistan

Until now there has been no known evidence of a person being infected with the Corona virus in Pakistan.

Ms Saleem Shahzad Cheema of Services Hospital told BBC correspondent Tehrab Asghar that a Chinese patient who had come to the services hospital a few days ago had a flu complaint and was being treated. Although he appears to have common flu but since he recently traveled from Wuhan, China, he has been cautiously kept in hospital and preliminary tests have been reported in three days. Is.

He said that corona virus certification is not possible in Pakistan, therefore his RNA tests have been sent to National Health Institute Islamabad and for further confirmation, these samples will be sent to China where they can confirm Corona virus. Will be found.

He said that where he lives, his colleagues and all the people in the area are healthy and there is no sign of the flu. The Chinese have also been contacted by the family in Wuhan, none of them have been infected with the Corona virus so far.

Why is the Corona Virus Dangerous?

There are many different types of corona viruses, but there are six of them, and there are seven different types of the virus that infect humans.

They cause fever and severe respiratory problems. The genetic code for this new virus has shown that it resembles respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Since this is a new type of virus that has never been detected in humans, no vaccine has been found that has been effective against this virus so far. Researchers, however, are working day and night to design a vaccine.

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