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Now, everyone will fall in Jackie is trap.They will be busy running away while thinking that my robotic panther is real. And we… will start stealing, Go my robot, Go!And create chaos, Big brother, we are touring the modern city since the morning. Give us something to eat quickly.We are very hungry.Looks like you all are new to modern city. We are from Furfuri Nagar. Give us some good tea with ginger to drink, What? Big birther, why did you start shaking as soon as you heard Furfuri Nagars name?

Motu Patlu and their friends go to Modern City tour
Motu Patlu and their friends go to Modern City tour

¬†We are also humans like you. If you befriend us, you will not forget us for the rest of your life. Panther Patlu, why did the waiter run away after listening to Furfuri Nagars name? You guys should also run!He did not run after seeing you but after seeing the one standing behind you!Run!Save us!Run!Save us!Chingum Sir, fire! Fire!This is fun!The more our robotic panther runs, the more people will be scared.The more people will be scared, the richer we will become. But Brother Jackie, I recognize this group.This is Motu Patlu and his friends. Motu Patlu may look ordinary but both of them are actually very extraordinary. I have heard that there is no match to Motu strength and Patlu brains.Our plan will not be successful if they are here.If that is the case then we will first chase them out of the Modern City.Then we will complete our mission.They will have to fall in Jackies trap.Big brother, quickly give us some chat to eat.We couldn’t eat anything in the hotel either.We had to run.Quickly.Here you go.If you eat my chat, you will forget hotels food.Looks like you are new here.Wow big brother. How did you know?We have come from Furfuri Nagar.

What happened big brother? I only said Furfuri Nagar. If you want to save your life then run!Motu, why do I feel like behind us there is that-Who that?Motu he was not scared of Furfuri Nagar but with the one behind us!Panther!Move. Move.Panther is coming.Move aside!Patlu, the stalls speed is going down.I cannot think on an empty stomach. You only think of something.Idea!Motu, move that as if you are rowing a boat.But Patlu, where is the boat here?This stall is our boat for now, Motu. And this is the only support for us drowning people.Look!What has become your Furfuri Nagars Motu Patlu. Nobody can escape Jackies trap. Motu, there is a lake there. Don’t do anything. Let me handle it.We escaped.Friends come. Lets take a group selfie.Say, cheese!An army of rats is running in my stomach.Because of the panther, I could not eat anything.I am very hungry!Look. Our selfie has come out really nice. Look.What is there in a photo?How come a spark is coming out of the panthers body?Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Show me too.Oh God. This panther seems robotic.Or else how will a spark come out of a real panthers body?That is why I was thinking, how come there are panthers in the city. So someone is playing games with us.Now we will also play games with them.The panther scared us a lot.First the panther was behind us.Now we will be behind the panther.I will also prepare myself. One minute.Hello, tea shop owner.Come to the Modern City with full preparations. Now!Okay Motu See. They haven’t left yet.They are still in the city.Today, they will definitely run.Today there wont be 1 but 4 panthers to welcome them.Run!Run! Leave from here!Motu Patlu, I am here ,Motu Tea shop owner. You have come at the right time.Bring out the samosas quickly.You said there is a party so I prepared for the par-Tea shop owner. We did not call you here for a party.By preparations I meant bring samosas with you, a lot of samosas.Because how will I fight without eating samosas. Motu, why are you upset.Here are your samosas.I also brought samosas with me.All hail!Jackie brother, Motu has eaten the samosas.I have heard that Motu becomes strong and extremely powerful after eating them.Now it is impossible to defeat him.Is that so? I shell deal with him now.Come!No. 2.Come, my panther!Panther brother.I know you are not a real panther.You are a robotic panther.Whats there to be scared of you now?Go away.Get up.This is a fake panther.But the ones behind them are real humans.Who are you?Are you coming yourself or should I tell Motu? Come.No no. We are coming.When my robotic panther could not last against you then what are we?You both are under arrest.You can rest rest rest rest in the jail.Stop staring and subscribe.

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