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Constipation is a problem that many people often experience, and they find their life difficult and difficult to cope with. Constipation can also be a major symptom of diabetes, such as diabetes. According to research, constipation is also the case of other types of cancers besides diabetes. According to medical experts, if you have frequent complaints of constipation, do not overlook it as a common problem and learn about the nutrients that cause this problem so as to prevent constipation.

Here are some of the following foods:

White rice

White rice is polished and its straw is removed, which means they have a considerable amount of fiber and this is why eating too much of it often proves to be prone to constipation.

Fast food

If you love fast food too much and eat it almost daily, then this diet also causes constipation often, which is why they lack fiber that helps digest the diet. Is the giving component.

Fried foods

While fried foods are delicious, they can also cause constipation, which causes them to be high in fat and difficult to digest. When food passes slowly through the intestines, excess water is released, which increases the risk of constipation.

Milk products

If you are frequently constipated, consider your diet if you are not consuming too much milk and cheese. Of course milk should not be completely skipped, just reduce its amount or prefer to use yogurt as the bacteria in it are good for digestion.


They are rich in protein but the fiber is very low, by the way, it is a healthy choice, but in case of constipation, it should be reduced or eat with fiber foods.

Red meat

It is also rich in protein but the amount of fiber is low while the fat is high, also use a fiber rich vegetable to eat meat.


Chocolate is delicious, but it slows down the digestive system and is why it is often not considered suitable for people with gastrointestinal disorders.

White double bread

Excessive use of it is enough to make you a constipation patient, due to the fact that it has a low fiber content, compared to the brown double bread system for digestion

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