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The West is the land of thought, where modern thinking is born every day, new discoveries of life and the universe are discovered on a daily basis, new mushrooms are opened on the tree of cognition and old flowers fall, not stopping in the river of logic. There is always a spring in the knowledge and there is no shore around the sea of ​​thought. Guayas West is a land where the mind of the human being lives forever, in this land from every moment, rain pours down from the sky like drops of water, and ideas rise as the crops of the earth.

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In our time it is the land of ideas, ideas, ideas, ideas and cognitions. Today the beauty of this land is that in it man has produced the best ideas and ideas to fulfill every need of his life. Ideas where knowledgeable and experienced are available all the time to serve humanity.

On the other hand, we also find a flaw and a flaw in this land, and that is that the thinker of this land thinks completely unconcerned with heavenly religions and revelation. Then we know that those thoughts and beliefs that are separated from heavenly religions and revelations are called atheism and secularism. , Material, Government, Military, War, Revolutionary, International ... All systems are also atheists.

It is a bright fact that we cannot turn away from Western ideas, because they have been thought by humans for many years, by experiments and based on them many times the world has been shaken and ruined. The ideologies produced by the world have celebrated their coinage even as they have shown human values, the geography of countries, the advance of nations as well as the standards of hostility. So today the West is invading everywhere and the Middle East.

We cannot ignore Western ideas because modern technology has also appeared in the land of the same ideas. Whether we like it or not, the West's secular and secular ideologies are running in our veins; with modern technology today, Western ideas are reaching our pockets in the form of mobiles, poems, cartoons, dramas and films. Are embedded in our individual and collective morals and roles in the form of as the West is conquering the East at the bridge and this process of conquest is neither firing nor bleeding, but the Eastern world is turning its back on the West with its own interest. The sun is rising from the west and the east is like a beggar!

No longer traveling from east to west to become an atheist, alien, secular, and living, now a rally of Western sciences and arts is circulating in the libraries, schools, colleges, universities of the East and their hearts and minds, It is different than one senses this rotation and no one senses this rotation.

The question is, if the ideas and ideas are perfectly tested, correct, compelling and authentic but without revelation and religion, then what is wrong with adopting them? For example, what does it matter if a Western system of education eliminates our unemployment, brings jobs to our youth around the world, solves our economic problems, increases our factory exports and produces our crops? Let's make something equal ... Should we abandon such a system simply because it has nothing to do with religion or revelation.


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