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Religion should show only the rules of bathing and bathrooms, the rules of lawfulness and halaam, while the system of life we ​​should take from the West, if the West is an atheist, do the East live in the light of religion? The thinkers and the unbelievers are bound by religion! Is the impression of religion on the lives of the people of the Middle East? Has the East’s government, judicial, political, economic, police station, health and sanitation and education systems been extracted from the Qur’an and Hadith, and all these systems are operating in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith? Without religion, why do they only run away from the West?

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Yes ! It is true that there is no difference between the East and the West in being an atheist. Therefore, atheism today, most of the East and West countries are equal and equal, if there is a difference, then only the Western Atheists have a strong and solid system for years. The East Atheists have no system of their own and they are the prerogatives of the Western systems.

Today, we see that in the West, as a person is a Christian or a Jew, but in his real life, he is free and secular, so we have a lot of people who are Hindus, Sikhs, and so on. Muslims, Christians, as well as Shia and Sunni, Wahabi and Salafi and Deobandi etc. are called but practically secular and atheist. At this time we need to understand what is the difference between a devout and a secular human being. happens!?

Apparently both are convinced of human importance, both speak of human equality and human love! But there is a difference between the equality and love of the earth from heaven to heaven. For example, when a devout Muslim speaks of human equality, the dead woman in her view is humanity, rights, freedom, education and training, goodness, goodness and nurturance. Dignity and respect are equal, and equality does not mean that a woman should be stripped of her odor, chastisement and libel. According to the religion of Islam, a woman is gender-sensitive and has subtle feelings and emotions. Therefore, Islam takes special care of the woman in view of the fragility and attractiveness of the woman, and does not place the heavy and exhausting responsibilities of society on her head.

The religion of Islam holds the man responsible for the customs and expenses of the woman and makes the woman responsible for the training and affairs of the children. Thus the religion of Islam equates the man with both the outside of the house and the woman on the inside of the house. Both of them have to perform the necessary things outside the house, as well as protect their chastity and purity with the hijab. Even outside the home, she can perform things that are not in conflict with her feminine qualities. But on the other hand, according to the Atheist doctrine, a woman is equal to a man, so it means that a woman should labor like a man, work eight hours a day in the streets, offices and factories like a man. Burned in the fire,

He must clear his tears, he will look like men and burn in the heat and cold. There is talk of human equality on both sides, but in reality there is a difference between the two sides.

Love is similar to equality, both the seeker and the marginalized love propagate, but according to the love of the debtor, every person in society should get the necessary love, such as parents, spouse, mother-in-law. In-laws, siblings, neighbors and relatives, teachers and students are all entitled to love, and none of them should be harmed, human beings should express their love,

N’s needs to be taken care of, gifts should be sent to them, it is important that their wives, mothers and sisters and their dignity be respected, and so on, to maintain love for others, and so on.

Instead of stopping love, religion emphasizes the promotion of love and considers absolute and absolute compassion from sin. Similarly, the atheist person on the other hand is also seemingly patriotic

Valentine’s Day and Love slogans, but the purpose of this love and affection is to humiliate the honor of others, play with the sanctity of the sheet and the wall, attack chastity and purity, and gradually commit adultery, homosexuality and homosexuality. Have to move.

Today, a virtuous and devout Muslim, whether living in the East or in the West, is worried about the atheistic ideology around him. Licking, she is well aware that if she does not do anything, it will cross the threshold of her homelessness, adultery, homosexuality and homosexuality.

Now suppose if a dentist sleeps on a pill after which he has not slept for only four or five years, then when he wakes up, what is going on in his house?

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