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Almighty God has created everything in this world with wisdom, producing fruits in every season and need so that the needs of the human body can be fulfilled according to the needs of this season. As a result of the fruits that are juicy, the reason is that in cold weather the human body needs extra vitamin C and vitamin and these fruits are very high,

These fruits include canoes, grapefruit, oranges and climates. The climber, also known as sweet lime, is different from other juicy fruits in that it has a sweet taste while all the other juicy fruits in this group are eaten. The climate that comes in the cold season has many benefits that make it very useful –

1: The system regulates digestion

There is a special fiber inside the climatic layer that holds two major benefits in it; Seasonal eating also reduces obesity due to which the stomach feels full and not hungry.

2: Cholesterol and glucose content

Seasonal ingredients are found to contain cholesterol and glucose levels in the body, so it is useful for patients with diabetes and hypertension.

3: skin protection

The climber also benefits not only from food but also by applying it as an inside-out acid that acts as a cleansing agent. It allows the skin to massage from the middle of the clitoris for two to seven minutes for eight to eight minutes. Shine and increase its freshness –

4: Black turns white

It also has the ability to whiten the complexion due to the summer heat. Applying this mask returns the original color of the skin. To make the mask, grind it finely and then add a pinch of turmeric and Mix a spoon of honey and apply it on the face. After a few days soak in fresh water, repeating this process for a few days will result in the skin returning to its original color.

5: Elimination of dark circles under the eyes

Due to fatigue and lack of sleep or a disease, dark circles appear under the eyes which can be corrected with seasonal supplements. It is very easy to make this mixture. The juice is taken with a teaspoon of banana paste, a teaspoon of cucumber juice and a teaspoon of food vitamin E gel and all of them are well mixed into a creamy paste and then added to it. Keep it in the refrigerator for a while, then apply it slowly to the circles with a cotton swab and let it remain for 15 minutes, then wash with fresh water. –

6: Useful in fever

It is also found in climates that it is very useful for fever patients, whether fever is malaria, typhoid or dengue. In all these cases it gives the patient a pleasant feeling. In addition it is very useful for tuberculosis patients –

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