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Google has released a new update for the Maps application. Its purpose is to give more detailed instructions by speaking to the weak-minded.

The detailed voice guidance feature will tell users when to turn and when they are about to reach a major intersection. That way consumers will be more cautious.

If users mistakenly go out of their way, Google Maps will say that it is now re-telling the other way around.

Wakana Sojiyama, a Google business analyst, is legally blind. He wrote on the company’s blog that this feature would help the weaker-eyed people from one place to the other and they would have the confidence to travel alone.

She said that this feature now allows her to think more about what she has accomplished than her journey to her destination.

Google has announced this feature on the World Vision Day. This feature is also useful for those who do not want to be seen repeatedly on their phones.

Different companies have introduced several tools for people with weak eyesight.

For example, Microsoft has introduced the Seeing AI app that lets users know about their kidneys. This feature has been released for Android and iOS users. In the US, this feature is offered in English and Japanese in Japan. Google Maps will soon add more languages ​​support for other countries. Users can enable voice-over instructions in the application’s navigation settings

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