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During this part of the year, bears have been seen many times around the world, including Russia, Finland, Canada and the United States.It may not seem so unusual, but the bears are generally not seen in public at this time of the year. This makes it quite unusual. They are usually in winter sleep or hibernation. Their sleep is deep, which helps them save energy. That way they can survive without eating too much during the winter.

Global Warming: How bears wake up prematurely from winter sleep or hibernation
Global Warming: How bears wake up prematurely from winter sleep or hibernation

How wildlife now lives in cities?

Three billion birds disappear in 50 years in the United States, Canada The eight animals we will never see Crabs that have no value to humankind But it has been the warmest winter in Europe this time. In the United States, temperatures were higher than normal during December and January. The reason for this is climate change. Unlike usual, bears are out on premature prey. According to wildlife expert Alan Wright, waking a bear from premature hibernation or winter sleep is not good for this animal, nor is it good news for humans.

How will this affect the bear?

Alan says the major problem for bears is food availability.

‘They’ll be looking for it and there won’t be much food around. Because plants and small animals will not be available to feed them. ‘ It is important for bears to get food when they get out of hibernation as it begins the breeding season. He says many children will be born there, but their parents will not be strong enough to ‘give them the right kind of food.’ It will hurt them. Many children may not survive the spring.  It can also make a difference on human and bear relationships, which can be a bad news for humans. He says: ‘In general, bears do not like to interact with humans. They are busy with their work. But if they do not get enough food, they will go in search of it, which means they will come closer to humans.

They will go to places where humans have food and they will try to get it. Alan says: ‘In some areas you will hear that bears are breaking into cars to get inside. And if they are hungry they might want to do more. ” According to him, this will only happen when the bears become ‘very desperate’. This is often due to hunger or when they need to feed their children. Emergency was imposed in an area of ​​Russia last year when dozens of icy bears arrived in human-populated areas to find food and began attacking them. It is important that bears only exist in zoos or in wildlife areas where they can be kept separate from humans. Even at the zoo in Moscow, the bears have woken up early in the winter, but authorities had expected them in advance. They have used precautionary measures for such situations. Female bears do not wake up to hibernation with their children until April.

Alan says that if bears enter populated areas, humans should stay away from them. If humans stay out of their way, they will not want to attack humans. The best way is to notify the relevant authorities. In the United States, the National Park Service has said that you should have a beer spray to survive and be calm in such situations. ‘I would not encourage you to get near them because they can be dangerous.’ But according to Allen, people should worry more about the bear than themselves.

‘I don’t want people to be more afraid of coming out of a bear’s hibernation. It is horrible as well as sad and it shows their eagerness. ‘ I think we should try to understand why they are doing this and what kind of situation they are facing.

Global Warming: How bears wake up prematurely from winter sleep or hibernation

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