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California: Facebook has introduced a new tab in the US that shows the news under your direction and can be viewed directly in the mobile app.

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A few days ago there was a tab on the Facebook app of some selected US users that was either released experimentally or experimentally. In this context you can control the news feed in particular, in addition to the preferences of certain Facebook posts.

“With this tab you can control not only Facebook stores but also news stories of your choice, and all of this can be done directly on the app,” Facebook official Campbell Brown said Told in the blog.

With this tab, you can view national news as well as other news stories in the newsfeed. As news continues to evolve, so will it. According to Facebook, news views on Facebook can be divided into four sections via the new proposed tab. These include Top General News, Second Topic News, Som Miscellaneous News and Fourth Local News.

In the meantime you can also hide the news you don’t want to see and see your favorite topics first. According to Facebook, it incorporates algorithms and self-user likes to watch the news better and better.

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