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Don’t worry if your light appetite doesn’t fade with enough biscuits during the flight!

New Zealand’s national airline has now decided to offer enough ‘eatable’ caps to passengers on a trial basis.

According to Air New Zealand, this is being done to reduce the waste generated during the flight.

These caps, made by a local company Twice, are made from vanilla flavored biscuits and according to the company, these caps are “no drinks.”

Be aware that Air New Zealand serves about 8 million coffee cups to travelers a year. According to the airline, she wants to reduce the waste generated by these flights.

However, in the opinion of critics, only the change of the caps is insufficient to have a positive effect on the environment.

Experience eating air-conditioned caps on Air New Zealand flights

According to a statement issued by Air New Zealand, these coffee caps will be used on a trial basis, ‘on the fly and even on land’.

Air New Zealand’s Nikki Chew says, “These caps have become very popular with consumers who have used them and we are also using them for a sweet meal.”

According to Toys co-founder Jamie Cashmore, the use of these caps “will have a positive impact on the environment.”

Experience eating air-conditioned caps on Air New Zealand flights

About two and a half billion coffee caps are thrown in the UK, of which only zero to two or five are worth reusing. Air New Zealand says that before introducing edible caps used on a trial basis, the airline has introduced paper and corn-made caps that can also be used as fertilizers.

However, some social media users have taken the airline horizontally and said that if they have to do something for the environment, there is more to be done besides changing the coffee cup.

The burning of fossil fuels is thought to produce greenhouse gases, and their emissions increase global warming.

Experience eating air-conditioned caps on Air New Zealand flights

Environmental journalist George Monbiot wrote sarcastically on Twitter: “What a joy it is that an airline is reducing its share of the burden on the environment, oh wait a minute …”

One Twitter user said, “What about reducing smoke emissions, instead of flying to London every week, it might be worth it.”

Air New Zealand has also been hearing about the food security concerns of its customers on Twitter for some time now.

Experience eating air-conditioned caps on Air New Zealand flights

Telling a vegetarian customer, he said that the eggs were used in these caps while according to Toyis, the caps also contain gluten and may contain some quantity of milk and fruits.

The airline has stressed that the plant-assisted caps will be available on all flights on a trial basis.

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