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‘The problem of heaven is more serious than earth because the trees cannot be grown to reduce pollution in the atmosphere unlike the earth. It is very important to solve the atmosphere problem in the atmosphere itself.

It says Aeronautical Engineer Dr. Sara Qureshi, who claims that she has created an aircraft engine that minimizes emissions of harmful gases in the atmosphere to reduce air pollution. Will help

Dr. Sara is a graduate of the University of Canfield, UK, where her PhD thesis is based on eco-friendly engine research.

The BBC’s Fifi Aaron has an exclusive interview with him, which is being presented below.#

Dr. Sara says the air travel industry is booming over time and that is why the smoke from the aircraft’s engines is causing air pollution and global warming.

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The temperature is rising on earth but in the sky the situation is no different. The reason for this is that the smoke coming from the aircraft’s engines creates artificial clouds in the atmosphere. You can tell that a layer of smoke builds up in the atmosphere, causing the earth’s heat to move into the atmosphere, also known as the greenhouse effect.

When the ship’s engine uses fuel, two greenhouse gases, namely carbon dioxide and water vapor, are actually being generated.

We have invented a device that looks like a ship’s engine. This device processes the smoke generated in the engine of the ship and separates it out of the engine so that no harmful smoke can escape into the atmosphere. ‘

He said that the water collected through this device keeps accumulating in the ship and once released before landing, it is released from the ship in case of rain.

Will the aviation industry accept this?

In response to this question, he said that the aviation industry is very regulated, there are two to three large companies that operate in relation to ships.

The automobile industry has set many rules that road vehicles will not emit hazardous smoke and vehicle engines require a lot of equipment to meet those rules. Similarly, the aviation industry needs rules and regulations in this regard.

He said that many major international organizations working on climate change have only reached the point where they admit that smoke from the ship is a bad thing, but these institutions have the problem. There is no solution.

The only thing I say to those who disagree is that we have only one land, we have to save it because we have to live on it. None of us have any bookings for Mars. Either make a booking on Mars or save the planet. ‘

He said that the biggest focus of the aviation industry is to make maximum profit and based on this thinking, engines are designed. Now we have to create design parameters that minimize the environment and do not cause environmental pollution. That’s what we’re working on.

He said many people and companies are working to create environmentally friendly technology in the aviation sector, but what we are working on is not doing anything special.

Take steps, there will be opportunities

She said that when she was in school, she was very impressed with the aviation sector.

Women are expected to be limited to certain fields, that is, the work that the community around you thinks is best for you. However, he said that was not the case with them.

He said that his daughter wants to be even more astronaut.

Dr. Sarah is also an expert pilot. When you fly from the ground up to the sky, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Dr Sara has also learned to do aerial work by plane, but she says she is currently unable to do aerobic work in Pakistan because such ships are only owned by the military.

Advising young people, he said that everyone should know what it is capable of and what it wants to be.

When you take a step, the paths open. I got scholarships for masters and PhDs, and that’s how things went.

I have students who say we want to do this but they say that there is no future in Pakistan.I tell them that the scope of anything you make yourself. You just have to be passionate. We need to give confidence at the individual level, especially to women. Must be encouraged that you can.

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