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From time immemorial, a series of contacts has begun to form the basis of correspondence with modern mobile phones, and now these contacts have been made in a more convenient way by what we call the Internet.

The use of the Internet has become commonplace in our younger generation. Children are using the Internet for their educational activities as well as for entertainment. Surprisingly, the number of children between the ages of three and fifteen is alarming. Normally 99.5% of Pakistani mothers put a mobile phone in their hand to scare and silence their children. Without knowing that they are bringing their child to the brink of digital suicide. Children spend hours playing games on mobile or watching cartoons on YouTube, which have major negative effects on children’s health psychology and social life.

Experts say that “children who use too much mobile phones or hold their phones too close to their eyes are more likely to get eyeballs”. Various scientific experiments have also revealed that more than 60% of radiation emitted from a smartphone is as dangerous to adults as it is to a hormone entering the brain. Lets create melatones that inform our body about bedtime thus the smartphone light interferes with sleep cycle and sleep becomes disrupted, which can lead to serious medical problems. ۔

In addition, indiscriminate use of smartphones also causes frequent depression and irritability in children. Not only this, pornography in children is abnormally high with mobile phones, and such things spread rapidly between them and becoming a fix for their habits becomes a problem for parents.

There are many other problems with mobile phones that are part of the society we are facing and now the question is how to protect children from digital suicide.

In this regard, the most important responsibility of the parents is to buy the children a non-essential mobile phone. Also, parents should keep a close watch on the children for what they are doing on the mobile phone. What are you watching Who else are you talking to? Children should also check their phones in the absence of mobile phone sets at home. Experts say that users should not watch mobile phones for more than 30 minutes in a row. In addition, turn on Wi-Fi and set off hours.

Any invention is not bad, its right or wrong makes it good or bad and now it is up to us whether we make the mobile phone a benefit to the next generation or digital suicide.

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