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Cybercrime: Does Your Smartphone Need 'USB Condom'?

Nowadays our mobile phone battery is not as dramatic as it used to be a few years ago. USB ports are now available to charge our mobile phones.

These ports are available in airports, in public toilets, in any hotel or in every shopping center, as well as on planes, buses and trains.

Cybercrime: Does Your Smartphone Need ‘USB Condom’?

But something that seems so beneficial is a threat to our confidential information. The widespread availability of these charging USB ports is actually a space that cybercriminals can use to access our most sensitive data.

And that’s why USB data blockers, also called ‘USB condoms’, have been on the market for the past few years.

And although they are not as lactose like normal condoms, they are just as effective and effective


Cybercrime: Does Your Smartphone Need 'USB Condom'?

These protect against the risk of your data being stolen through USB jacking. Juice jacking is actually a cyber attack in which ‘cyber criminals install a virus-infected program at booths or places with charging ports that infect users’ phones and other devices.’

Luke Sisak, assistant to the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office in the United States, warned in early November.

How do they work?

Cybercrime: Does Your Smartphone Need ‘USB Condom’?

‘USB condoms’ are small USB adapters with input and output ports that allow your mobile to charge but prevent data transfer.

They cost around US $ 10 and are small so easily pocketed.

According to Sasak, the consequences of such cyber-attacks can be ‘devastating’.

He warned in a video message that “charging a mobile phone or laptop for free can free up your bank account. If cybercriminals succeed in installing malware, they can block your phone, steal sensitive information such as passport data or home addresses. ‘

According to the IBM Technology Company’s cyber security report, ‘Malware software infections’ hijacked software hijack the computing power of your phone or laptop, resulting in the processor of your laptop or mobile phone. Usage increases and your device speeds up. “

The same report shows how attacks against the transport industry have increased, which is the second most affected sector in 2018, after the financial services sector.

Cybercrime: Does Your Smartphone Need ‘USB Condom’?

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Caleb Barlow, vice president of IBM’s X-Force Cyber ​​Security Division, emphasized the use of USB condoms to reduce hacking incidents.

In addition to this procedure, the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office also suggested charging the devices directly with electricity and always having an emergency power bank with them.

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