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Smart TVs spy

Increasing network-connected devices increases the risk of cyber-attacks, as well as increasing the likelihood of violating our privacy.

Smart TV, which was in fact a major revolution, is no exception, and the FBI has recently warned about the dangers associated with smart TV.

The Smart TV screen is connected to the Internet and, like a smart phone, the Internet also gives Smart TV access to streaming video apps and other services. You can even shop through various e-commerce portals

Smart TVs spy

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Smart TVs spy

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Smart TV models have the ability to “voice recognition” or voice recognition and have cameras that users can use to make video calls.

However, with all these benefits, it also has some risks, and according to experts, they must be kept in mind.


Smart TVs spy

According to Norton, a cyber security company that also manufactures anti-virus, smart TVs connected to the Internet ‘have the ability to track what you are watching or looking for’. With this information, Smart TV can program ads to suit your lifestyle and choice.

According to Norton, ‘smart TV cameras can be hacked with the help of spying and the malicious software can be transferred from one device to another. With the help of a TV camera, hackers can find out if you haven’t kept valuables at home or when you go out on a long vacation.

Smart TVs can also spy

The FBI has also warned of these dangers.

A November 26 report states that “hackers can take control of your unsafe TV.” They can change your channels, reduce the volume or make it loud, or show inappropriate videos to your kids. The worst case scenario is that they can spy on you quietly by taking control of the TV camera and microphone in your room.

What are the FBI guidelines?

Smart TVs spy

The FBI says that every time you buy or start using a new smart TV, you must know all its features.

For example, if your smart TV has a camera or microphone, you must know how to control them.

Another suggestion from the FBI is that you should keep changing passwords and find out how voice recognition systems, cameras, and other systems are disabled.

“If you can’t do it all, you have to think that you can afford to buy a particular model’s smart TV,” the FBI says. Still, if you want to buy a model with a camera but you do not know how to disable it, it is best to paste black tape on the camera lens. ‘

He added that TV makers are issuing suggestions for system improvement and security over time and it is important to keep an eye on them.

Smart TVs can also spy

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