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There are many animals in the world that are naturally round in shape.

You might think they are like a little ball and can be played with, but thanks to their shape they ensure survival in the environment.

Here we will tell you about the round animals that are renowned for their unique shape.

world most chubby animals
world most chubby animals

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Puffer fish

Puffer fish is also called ‘blue fish’ and is the first rounded animal on our list.

But the question arises why these fish are round? This is actually a bluish defense style of blowfish. This is the kind of fish these fish take for a hunter’s digestion.

Bluefish accumulate water in their elastic stomach, which increases their size and make it difficult to eat.

These fish, such as balls, may seem cute to watch, but it would be a big mistake to hand them over.

In more than 200 types of puffer fish, there is a poison called ‘tetradoo toxin’ which is 1200 times more dangerous than the poisonous substance ‘cyanide’.

Some puffers are prickly on the skin of fish, which makes the food fun. Yet in many parts of Asia it is a desirable dish.


The next round animal is Armadillo. The name is a Spanish word that means ‘hard skin or armored’.

There are 21 types of this animal and all of them are small pink armadillo that are only nine to 12 cm tall.

They often sleep and spend 16 hours each day sleeping. It would not be wrong to say that these animals carry the fashion together as they have red, yellow, gray, black and pink colors.

Brown owl

Brown specialty potatoes belong to the most common breed of potatoes found in Britain.

They can rotate their soft, shaggy and chubby heads at an angle of 270 degrees, which helps them to hunt.

The male owl prays for a long ‘hooo’ to summon his partner, after which he does ‘ho’ again in a slow voice and then ends his song on ‘ho ho hooo’.

In response, the female saying “wick” is heard, and she is drawn to her partner’s voice.

River calves

Meet another round chubby and cute animal.

This removable river calf is called the ‘colored cell’.

These aquacultures prefer isolation and are collected only for breeding purposes. They can swim in the sea at speeds of about 10 km per hour, but in the pursuit of prey, they reach 30 km per hour.

Colored cells usually live for 25 to 30 years.

Khaar pashat

From the outset, the idea of ​​the video game ‘Snake the Hedgehog’ certainly comes to the minds of those born in the 1990s.

This animal wraps its body like a barbed ball to prevent predators. In this way, those parts of their body that are not thorns are protected.

There are about 15 species of this animal in Europe, Asia and Africa, and they all come out at night.

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