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Animals endangered by human

We might imagine an abnormality of a species to be a sudden but occasional event, but the fact is that the disappearance is of a serious nature.

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Animals endangered by human

In fact, according to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), a non-governmental organization working for the conservation of wildlife, about 10,000 species perish forever.

But the WWF says the exact numbers cannot be ascertained because we do not yet know how many species are found worldwide.

Let’s take a look at some of the animals that were ever found abundantly on the planet, and also see which of these species returned in a surprising and unexpected way.

1: Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus (Ghana and Ivory Coast)

Animals endangered by human
Animals endangered by human

This medium-sized and red-haired monkey, recently ejected, has been considered an outcast since the early 2000s.

Animals endangered by human

Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus, on the border between Ghana and the Ivory Coast, was one of the most amazing animals because it had no thumbs.

In the case of large groups, these soft-tempered animals living on top of tall trees were forced to change their lifestyle due to deforestation by humans.

As the forests began to shrink, groups of Red Colobes became smaller, which increased the risk of predators for them, and genetic weaknesses were also triggered by breeding breeds.

2: Yangtze River dolphin (China)

Announced in 2006, the Yangtze River dolphin was a pale beige-colored mammal that appeared to be less favorable than its cousins ​​swimming in the sea.

Underneath its simple body was a highly developed eco-location system, which was far superior to other dolphins. Its system was so finely tuned that it could detect a single fish’s location.

Animals endangered by human

But this sensitivity pose a danger to him when the river is filled with mosquito boats, container ships, trailers, and human-caused contamination.

The Yangtze River dolphin, who was terrified of this intense busy traffic, had no option for survival.

3: Caribbean Monk Seal (Ciranella Border between Jamaica and Nicaragua)

This local Caribbean calf in the region was once found on the east coast of Central America, the northern beaches of South America, and the Gulf of Mexico.

But they were brutally hunted for their fat-rich oils, while the lack of food for their surviving fish caused a shortage of food for the river calves.

He was last seen in 1952, between Jamaica and Nicaragua, near the Serenilla coast.

Animals endangered by human

4: Alabama Pigotto (USA)

This seemingly innocent oyster was found in the US state of Alabama’s River Mobile until 2006. It was named because it looked like a pig’s foot, but it filtered the contaminated river water. But the pollution then increased so much that Pigotto did not find it anymore.

The collapse of this tiny creature uncovered many harsh facts about water, which was contaminated with the toxic substances of factories, and was causing deadly diseases in the African American community living along the river.

5: Dodo (Mauritius)

Being the most famous but endangered bird might be a strange honor, but apart from the dinosaurs, the dodo has long been an endangered species that everyone knows.

This bird, which looks like the cartoon character Duffy Dick, once lived on the island of Mauritius. There were no predators in the nature of this bird that could not fly.

When humans reached Mauritius, they brought with them their appetite for other animals and meat. Dodo couldn’t stay in front of them for long.

The last Dodo was killed in the early 18th century.

6: Steelers Si Kaw (Sea Bearings between Alaska and Russia)

Animals endangered by human

These sea cows look like Manatee and Dogong, but they grow much larger than them. Stellar sea cows could be up to nine meters in size.

Due to its exquisite design, fur and valuable fat, it became a target for predators. Apparently it tasted like beef soaked in almond oil.

They are believed to have been eliminated shortly after the doodoo disappeared due to hunting and changes in their dietary environment.

Animals endangered by human

7: Quagga (South Africa)

The extraordinary beauty of the poor Kouga was the reason for its inadequacy. The front half of this fascinating African beast was striped like a zebra, but the stripes ended up turning backwards and the back was as plain and brown as a horse.

Due to his astonishing design, he was victimized so much that he became extinct. The last of them was imprisoned in the 1880s.

8: Irish Elk (Ireland)

Most of the great extinction species were closer to the animals we know today, but just a little weird.

For example, look at mammoths that resembled an elephant-clad elephant.

Similarly, an Irish elk or an Irish deer looks just like the deer it is today. The only difference is that they can be up to two meters high while their horns are spread up to 3.65 meters.

They ended about 7,700 years ago and probably caused a hunting and changing season.

9: White Tail Eagle (UK)

Let’s end with a happy story. White-tailed eagles were transported to Britain almost in vogue in the early 20th century, but not for long.

The magnificent bird, which has a spread of about two meters, has been brutally hunted for many years in Britain. In fact, he was encouraged to kill.

By the time the killing of the bird was found to be illegal, it was too late to stop the disappearance.

But fortunately white-tailed eagles lived elsewhere in Europe and it was possible to re-introduce them to Brit

Animals endangered by human

But not all animals are so fortunate.

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