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It is not surprising that in the society of color-making creams the industry of billions of rupees becomes. These companies propagate the expensive advertising campaign with the impression that white is the guarantee of success. BBC

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Clio, kalwa, kaliya, kalmohi!

If your color is sandal, wheat or black and you have spent all your life in Pakistan or India then it is likely that at some point in your life, at some point you will get to hear this name. ۔

The city is a primitive man poster of street-colored soap, fare creams sold at village village medical stores, or beauty treatments made in open parlors in the streets, as it seems to be poppy-colored. Everyone in the country is in the race to dye their colors.

Is it a great honor to be blonde who does not have blacks?

The answer was given by Pakistani fashion model and actress Amina Elias in 2015.

In the hands of the best family model Lux Style Award Thame Amana has said in front of thousands of people all that few people dare to say.

‘I was told,’ Oh, this is black. So all those people who thought that I was ugly just because my complexion is gray, this award is the answer to all that. ‘

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Remembering this evening four years later today, Amina says that the speech was not a publicity stunt, but what she had in her heart for a while said on stage.

‘At this event, I just described my life experiences. After that, while many people praised me, many opposed me, which also resulted in financial and professional loss. “

Lemons in the basin

For centuries in the subcontinent of the subcontinent, negative societal values ​​that have been practiced for centuries have been preferred to white. In today’s modern age, these ideas, which have grown up from generation to generation, are now being promoted by the media. Dramas, films and commercials portray a successful woman who is color and physically flawless.

Psychologist Rabia Saeed Akhtar explains that this is the reason why in some households, as soon as a woman is hopeful, older women fall into disillusionment. It is said that if yogurt is fed to a pregnant mother, the baby will be born blonde or if a beautiful baby is pictured in the room, then the unborn child will be born beautiful.

“Our society is so alarmed by the color that many girls’ relationships are ruined only because of their wheat color. For this it is argued that if the female is black then the generations to come will be born black. ‘

‘Sanoli color girl is also told by relatives and breakers. The situation is that the parents of the poor and middle class are putting up committees and costing their daughters the cost of getting whites, which has more benefits than benefits. ‘

Amna Elias, who grew up in an educated household like Karachi, did not face such difficulties, but she also got to hear sarcastic phrases.

“Often cousins, cousins ​​or aunts and aunts used to come home whenever they commented lightly that the school is not going to school and that is why the girl has become old.” An aunt used to tell me that if you put lemons in the basin and apply it on the skin then the color will come out. ‘

‘Because I was a child, I could not understand. However, color discrimination is a feeling that is often raised by women in the home. For example, as a son, mothers want their daughter-in-law to find them.

BBC Birthday Accident

The skin color of people living in any region depends on the geographical structure, climate and climate of the area. According to experts, the color of residents in the colder areas of the elevation is red while those living in the plains are darker. In addition, due to the intense sunshine in the adjacent Equatorial region, most people are temperate.

Social activist Maliha Hussain points out that in ancient times, Gore was more colorful than locals coming from outside the subcontinent, which is why they made skin color a weapon in order to maintain their superiority.

In this way, the social system that constitutes it is said to be inferior in color and high in color. When the British came here, they reinforced this view. Now the white color recognizes the rule and the black subjugation. Gradually this ideology was embedded in the minds of the people and now as a society it has become part of our collective thinking. ‘

Militha Hussein believes that color has nothing to do with any aspect of human life. It is simply a coincidence that where a person was born and where his ancestors belonged?


Amana Elias truly felt her sanity as she stepped into the world of showbiz. Clients repeat the same repetition that Amina whispered.

Unconventional and unique designs and new features of the model are most preferred for photoshoots of fashion magazines. That was the reason why I was able to make my name as a fashion model. ‘

‘But where it comes to commercial work such as a lawn advertising campaign, then makeup artists used to tune me in. That is, instead of my original color, a two tier light foundation was applied. These photos were then featured on Photoshop. Sometimes when I looked at my pictures I didn’t recognize myself. ‘

‘In Fair and Love’

It is not surprising that in the society of color discrimination, the whitening cream industry becomes the industry of billions of rupees. These companies sell their products through expensive advertising campaigns and promote the impression that white is a guarantee of success.

Getty Images

Psychologist Rabia Saeed Akhtar points to the moral aspect of these advertisements.

‘This is not possible if the companies that manufacture these products claim that they will turn the color white. Most of these creams can dispel a person’s complexion, even after extreme side effects. ‘

According to social worker Maliha Hussein, companies and businesses produce products based on consumer demand.

‘When girls or boys see in TV commercials that famous actresses and models are using creams and soaps to dye the color, they want to do the same so that they can become stars. Therefore, individuals associated with showbiz should not be part of the advertising campaign for such products while performing social responsibility. ‘

Amna Elias regrets being part of a TV commercial many years ago today.

“That was the beginning of my career and I didn’t know many things. When I was doing that commercial shoot, I realized that it was not me. Make-up artists were trying to make me blush by putting foundation on every part of my body. ‘

Getty Images

Amana says that since that day, she has become very sensitive to her complexion and there came a time when she began to hide her body.

‘I started using cream and beauty salon coloring services but then I realized that this was not right. Well, man’s skin is healthy and he has no disease. ‘

Amna says that while recording that ad for Fearless Cream, she realized that it was all a fraud. At that time they decided that they would not be part of any future advertising through which to sell a lie.

In the past, many Pakistani and Indian actors and actresses have been criticized for being part of a promotional product for coloring products. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abrahamsson Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Sajal Ali were criticized on social media for advertising fierce cream.

On the contrary, Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranawat, Abhay Deol and many other movie stars were praised for rejecting similar commercial offers.

BBC poisonous creams

Color creams around the world, including Pakistan, have also been criticized for their harmful health side effects. Experts say that creams often contain more than ‘mercury’ chemicals suitable for human consumption, which can even be fatal.

In July this year, the Government of Pakistan launched a crackdown on harmful health fertility creams. Of the local and international companies whose creams were sent to the laboratory for testing, only three met the criteria.

‘Black is cute’

Across the world, discrimination is being raised against skin discrimination. In 2009, the foundation of a movement called ‘Dark from Beauty Phil’ was launched in India to eliminate color discrimination in Indian society. Renowned Indian actress Nandita Das, who is also Sanoli herself, is part of the campaign.

In Pakistan, in 2013, a campaign called ‘Dark from Divine’ was launched that aims to change the traditional standard of beauty in society.

Great actors

The negative portrayal of female characters in Pakistani TV dramas is often criticized. Critics think that these dramas create the imaginative character of a beautiful girl who is far from reality. Big eyes, long black hair to knees and blond TV are the lives of many of the main characters in the drama.

According to Amana Ilyas, this is why the frontline actresses are either gory and if they are not, then they have put themselves in a serious position to get into this race.

“When I was doing serials, I often heard the directors say that Amina’s color was unmatched by the other actors in the frame. I found it strange to hear how two different people could have the same color. Then extra lights were put on and the editing was also done in color. ‘

According to psychologist Rabia Saeed Akhtar, TV producers and directors are responsible for this behavior. She wants drama writers to write roles that are diverse and cast with real-life actors to play them.

“The color and character of these characters should be something that ordinary people can associate with themselves. In this way, it will help to promote a social attitude in which any person will be known beyond his or her color, only because of his or her ability. ‘

According to BBC Priyanka, she could not change her complexion and voice but could work hard on her craft and did the same thing as a white vaccine.

According to Amna Elias, irresponsible words about a person’s color have far-reaching effects on his personality. She understands that people have no idea how heartbreaking this behavior can be.

For example, I once sat with a friend of mine. He mentioned that he was making a movie and wanted to give me a role in it. He very sarcastically said that for this role I would have to be vaccinated with whites. I immediately replied that it is better that you cast a girl in your movie. ‘

But some directors are trying to change that trend. Numerous new filmmakers are giving opportunities to actors of all types of color and composition. In this regard, Amna’s illustrious mentor exemplifies the country of Saqib.

Saqib in his film Baaji cast me with actor Usman Khalid Butt, who is of red and white color. Throughout the film I was photographed with my original color and no filter was placed in the editing. ‘

Saqib said that he did so because it was becoming a sensational contest for my Sanoli and Usman’s red. He wanted to prove that the male and female Sanuli may be in the film and there is no problem in showing it. ‘

BBC Psychological Problems

Discrimination also causes psychological problems due to color or physical appearance. According to psychologist Rabia Saeed Akhtar, the child who receives hearing from childhood as a result of his color is left incomplete and lacks confidence.

‘Even when parents raise their child, their personality will be affected further. Such children do not succeed in any area of ​​life when they grow up. ‘

Rabia Saeed Akhtar advises seeking the help of psychologists in this situation.

‘If a child or an adult suffers harassment because of his / her color or physical weakness, it is important to go to the psychologist. Counseling sessions in schools can also be a means of promoting awareness on this topic. ‘

BBC change from home

Experts say there is a need to talk openly about discrimination based on color in society. Social activist Maliha Hussain says the more the subject is discussed, the more it will help overcome this social evil.

‘Parents also have a responsibility to instill in their children the feeling that even a Sanoli or a black girl or boy can live a successful life at the peak of their ability. Parents should train their children to trust their personality and make the face look meaningful to them.

Mothers and women in the household should not be in a rush to paint their daughters just for the sake of good relationships. ‘

On the other hand, Amina Elias also believes that awareness of color discrimination needs to be spread among the people of the previous generation, rather than the new generation. She admits that young people today are not usually victims of these prejudices.

‘There was a time in my life when I started thinking that I was ugly. Now I don’t think so at all and I don’t want other girls of my color to think of themselves as ugly.

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