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For the first time, Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who was alerted to the Corona virus, has died at a local hospital in China


A Chinese doctor who was previously warned of the Corona virus passed away

Dr. Lee Corona was infected with the virus and now a local hospital, where he is being treated, has confirmed his death.

Dr. Li tried to warn his fellow doctors in December last year of the outbreak of the Corona virus, but at that time authorities in China had told him to refrain from spreading false information.

Earlier there were conflicting reports about his death, but now a Chinese newspaper, People’s Daily, reports that Dr. Li passed away at 8:00 am on Friday morning, according to local time in China.

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On Thursday, the state-run Media Global Times previously said that Dr Lee Wenliang had passed away, but it was later reported that his condition was very critical.

So far at least 560 people have been killed and 28,000 infected with the Corona virus in China.

How was the death reported?

The Global Times and other Chinese media previously reported that 34-year-old Dr Lee Corona died of the virus

The news was reported in other Chinese media as well, and international organizations began reporting it. The World Health Organization also tweeted a tearful grief.

But then the Global Times ran a report from Wuhan Central Hospital that Dr Lee’s heartbeat closed at 9:30 pm local time, which had been restored. The company later said their condition was critical.

Chinese social media platform Weibo has received intense backlash over the news of his death.

Who was Dr. Lee?

Dr. Lee was performing the duties of an ophthalmologist at Wuhan’s central hospital, and on December 30 he alerted his fellow doctors to the Corona virus.

After talking to his co-workers, the local police approached Dr. Lee and warned him not to talk about Corona’s outbreak.

But a month later, in February 2020, when this doctor lay on the bed of a local hospital and shared this story on social media, he was welcomed into China as a hero.

On the social media site, he began his story by saying, “Welcome to all the fellows, I’m Lee Wenling and working as a gynecologist at Wuhan Central Hospital.”

By then, 34-year-old Dr Lee said he had seen seven such patients and believed that they had been attacked by a virus such as SARS. Remember that the global outbreak of the SARS virus spread in 2003.

He sent a message to his fellow doctors December 30 in a joint group in which he warned colleagues about the virus and advised them to wear protective gloves and clothing to treat infected patients so that the virus did not affect them. Could do.

Four days after the message, he was summoned to the Public Security Bureau’s office, where he was asked to sign a letter. In the letter, Dr Lee was accused of committing ‘grave defiance’ by making ‘false claims’.

The letter further stated, We warn you If you continue your stubbornness and stubbornness and promote this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice. Do you understand? ‘

The letter was signed by Dr. Lee and Dr. Lee wrote, ‘I understand.’

Dr. Lee was one of eight people who were subjected to interrogation for ‘spreading rumors’.

In late January, Dr. Lee posted a copy of the letter on the social networking site, explaining what had happened to him when he tried to warn people about the virus.

Local authorities then apologized to Dr. Lee, but by then it was too late.

In early January, authorities in Wuhan argued that the virus could only spread to people who work directly with infected animals, such as cattle or other animal markets.

Until then, doctors treating infected patients were not provided guidance on how to take any protective measures.

A week after signing the letter, Dr. Lee was treating a black pearl woman at the hospital. Little did they know that in addition to the eye disease, she was also infected with the Corona virus.

In his social media story, Dr. Lee said that the woman began coughing on January 10, a few days after she was infected with the virus. His parents also got sick who was brought to the hospital.

Ten days after the incident, on January 20, China officially announced the outbreak of the new Corona virus, implementing an emergency.

Many tests were conducted by Dr. Lee, but he was not initially diagnosed with the Corona virus, but was diagnosed with the virus on January 30.

Along with a post about the presence of the virus in his body, he also posted an emoji that made a dog with eyes rolling in the back and tongue hanging out of his mouth.

Thousands of people appreciated this post and expressed their views and wrote messages in support of Dr. Lee.

One user wrote, ‘Dr. Lee is a hero. In the future, doctors will be even more scared to warn about the spread of any infectious disease.

‘Thousands of doctors like doctors are needed for a safe public health environment in the country.

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