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Hey guys now I get a lot of messages from people on social media and on YouTube that ask me hey Daniel please give me a few tips to look better but at the same time a lot of them complain and say I don't look as good as other people and that's the problem you should stop trying to compare yourself to other people or try to look better than them or better than your friends your goal should always be just to improve yourself the idea here is not to compete against other people but to compete against yourself so that you are better than the you from yesterday you see what I'm saying so that being said in this video. 


I'm gonna give you 10 tips 10 simple things that every guy can do to look better let's get to it I have a dream made mistakes but mistakes make you strong now just very quick if your first time here on my channel I'm Daniel and welcome to D LM model lifestyle consider subscribing and also taking that notification belt so you won't miss any of the next videos now let's not waste any more time let's get right into the first step you gotta get into grooming now I can talk a lot about this but let or three hairs shave it off because chances are you're the type of guy that looks better shaved your not gonna look good with just three or four long hairs but that just looks no no no but on another hand if you do have a nice beard trim it the right way so it fits in with your face shape and her hairstyle but please if you do have a beard, please turn these neck hair here because if you just leave them here you look like a lazy slob, now I feel like I almost don't have to say this because you probably already know this but if you're uncomfortable with your body to do something about it.

If you feel overweight it will look better if you get in shape and if you lose some weight on the other hand if you're too skinny gain some muscle and start to live a healthy lifestyle why well because if you eat healthier if you maintain a healthy lifestyle you will have more energy to take on the challenges that every day brings clothes number two will also look a lot better on you number three you will be felt and look healthy to other people and number four you also give you a lot more confidence in yourself so be honest with yourself just look at yourself in the mirror if you're not happy with the way you look. 

They start today and change it because here's the truth we can't always change the genes that we got from our mom and dad right but we can change our bodies at the gym or eating healthy you gotta get more hygienic I mean you might get used to yourself the way you smell your sweat and your breath but I guarantee you that other people can pick if you just walk around and suddenly you smell something or if you stand with a few friends and you smell like oh man and then you wonder why somebody just leaves or try to avoid you so all you got to do is. 

when you get out of the shower with some antiperspirant on and then you're safe for the whole day you know you're not gonna smell all right second when you brush your teeth brush your tongue as well and then also your nails dirty nails is a big no-no so take care of your nails so that they are short and clean get into skincare why because your skin represents you every single day of your life now some guys still think that yeah it's not so important it's fine I'm just I just look like what I am I don't need to take care of myself but then they wonder why so many women out there are not so interested in them I can assure you. 

If you have a girlfriend or a wife they will love it if you take care of your skin it's not about self-importance but it has to do with self-respect think about this for a while do you think that it is always easy for a woman to shave her legs shave her underarms to walk in high heels put on makeup and dress up to do all this effort for you of course not so you can also do a little bit of effort you don't have to go crazy but you can just start a basic skincare routine that will help you to look better and healthier and if you're not sure which products to use I'll add a few goods options for you in a video description down below and you can check out know your weak points and how to control it effectively nobody is perfect not me and now you we all have weak points first you gotta learn how to accept it and then you also need to learn how to control it so let me share some of my weak points.

I've always had a big forehead and a receding hairline right so I never wear my hair all the way back but I bring it a little bit forward and also, I don't have any calls I've got very very small Cubs but I got from my dad I accepted it but I will never ever wear baggy shorts because then it just looks even smaller so all I do is I just wear slim fit shorts and then it looked better I'm not shy to share these things with you guys because I'm just a normal human being just like you I am completely content with all my weak points because I've learned how to handle it the right way and so can you unwanted hair let's talk about this you got a trim your hair if you start to get that unwanted hair like the nose hair, you gotta trim it because when you are into a conversation with somebody.

They'll be distracted a lot more with those hair creeping out then what you're saying in the conversation and if you have that hair right between your eyebrows get rid of it now you don't have to tweeze all your eyebrows but if you have a unibrow he's gotta go but then again if you have also those Bush kind of eyebrows then you can also tweeze them just a little a bit to look more natural but please never wax it because then you have those fixed straight lines and just leave that for women you gotta choose the right size clothing.

A lot of people miss this never wear oversized clothes like those huge baggy jeans or on the other end there's very super skinny jeans and especially if you're buff you got a lot of muscle don't be that guy you know the guy that walks around like this his two shirts that are too small for him because he just wants everybody to see his body. They can see right through you and most people actually hate it because nobody likes puffed up arrogant people walking around with that expression on their face that says oh look at me no that's just off-putting but confidence that is humble is always attractive and wearing clothes that hold close to your body is most flattering not to sizes too small or two sizes too big all you got to do is just look for a slim fit labels on clothing good communication and good posture this is extremely important why.

well because when you speak with people it always looks better if you have good posture and if you speak clearly and with confidence it changes your whole look imagine if I did this video with just a slouchy posture like this and then if I just speak softened a little bit unclear not making eye contact not the energy you see what I mean so you might say yeah I will Daniel it's easy for you to say well actually no it's not I had to teach myself to adopt these new habits it is skills that everybody can learn it's just it just feels so hard at the beginning, because you're just so used to.

your old habits invest in a classic wardrobe now it's important not to buy clothes just because you want to but invest in good quality clothing that will never ever go out of style so that you can wear it for a very long time because it saves you money and you also look stylish timeless basic clothing is a backbone of my own and any other stylish guys wardrobe out there the basics of a navy suit or a blazer white dress shirts dark denim easy to layer tees and even an all-purpose trench coat means that you will always be able to appear stylish and you can also add stylish and trendy items to the classic look and hey.

 If you want to look into the basic clothing essentials I'll add my list for in the video a description that you can check out.  check your attitude if you've got all the other nine tips down but your attitude stinks those 9 tips it's not gonna help you at all but humility is the greatest quality that man can have and arrogance is undoubtedly the worst and there's a very very thin line between confidence and arrogance and you need to know the difference it doesn't matter what you achieve in your life it doesn't give you the right to look down on other people arrogance is used by the weak and insecure but kindness is used by the strong and it is much needed in the world.

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