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My Period Morning Routine! Hacks all girls need to know!

Hey, guys, it's Marissa and today's video is going to be my period morning routine and make sure to give to become panda fam and experience all of the panda magic so this is my period morning weekend routine so I usually like to start out by sleeping in and when I wake up I will change into a pair of black on these and then I'll just change my pad and I feel okay wearing white pajamas to sleep at night because I don't stain my clothes anymore and you guys will find out why when I do my period night routine and I love putting on a fresh pad first thing in the morning because you just feel better I don't know you just feel cleaner

My Period Morning Routine! Hacks all girls need to know!

so I like to have a pretty chill morning and I just sit down hang out with Olaf watch a little TV play with my new sequin pillow and sometimes I also like to watch movies instead of shows and I love watching fantastic beasts and where to find them do you guys love that movie so for breakfast I'm just having this awesome of with fruit and granola on it and fun little hack for you guys the best fruits to eat on your period are blueberries and bananas and the worst fruit to eat on your period is grapes because they're actually supposed to make you glow a little bit so next, I just like to cuddle all of my kitties and studies actually show that only a cat can help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress so I love but playing with my kitties on my period because they just make me super happy so now I'm just putting together a little period kit for my purse because I'm about to go to the mall so I just have two pads a panty liner and a tampon so for my hair I like to do a braid because it keeps my hair out of my face.

When I'm on my period so the braids that I'm actually doing is called the Katniss braid and you take your hair and separate it into three different braids and then you braid those braids together to make like one super big braid and you can pull the braid up hard to make it a little bit bigger. So next I'm just cleaning my face just to get it super clean and because you're more prone to breakouts on your period and normally I would do this after I shower but you guys will find out why I didn't shower in my period night routine. So Nexen just moisturizing my hands and my arms and they feel super dry this time of the month and I'm just using some zoella body pudding and it smells so good so. I pretty much never wear makeup at school so on the weekends sometimes I put a little bit on and I'll usually just do CC cream mascara and a little blush and I love using baby lips on my lips are you guys as obsessed with it as I am because I just love it and the shade I have is called grapevine so this is my period Oh Oh TV.

 I have a super cute a pink a jacket this rainbow bag and then I'm just wearing some black Capri leggings perfect for if you're wearing a pad they just kind of hold your pad into place which I like and I packed the period kit that I made a little earlier I also love wearing long shirts that cover my butt so that my pad doesn't show so I'm at the mall and I'm drinking sparkling water and I love sparkling water even when I'm not on my period try and avoid it drinks that have caffeine and then like soda and coffee oh my god these shoes are super cute $200 no way girl and I love spritzing myself with a lot of fancy expensive perfume Daisy is my favorite this is gonna sound really weird but you're also more of a Shopaholic on your period studies show that you spend more money.

So just be careful maybe let a friend hold your money and I love going to the Disney Store and looking for friends for Chester now I'm just hanging out in my castle because as you all know I am the period coin as though this is my Little Kingdom right here oh I've been trying to find a Chester girlfriend for so long but he's a very picky panda so now I'm headed to the bathroom to change my pad and it actually was a really light day today so I ended up using a panty liner that awkward moment when you're playing in the bathroom and you realize you're not alone thank you guys so much for watching and comment down below if you guys are excited to see my period night routine.

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