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How to Wear Top 2020 Fashion Trends

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are doing 2020 trends so for the first trend is wide-leg jeans instead of tight jeans which I'm totally on board for because I think they're super flattering and number two is a trenchcoat which I love because I think it just adds a completely a different element to your outfit to the sea outfit number three is cargo pants another trend.

 I am so down for please don't Kim Possible me with these pants but I honestly just love this look I love that it covers your belly button inning to wear a crop top with it trend number four is a leather blazer a faux leather blazer I just love the look of this it's very like professional like businesswoman a little bit of matrix mixed in there per trend number five is a cardigan as a shirt we can take Katie Holmes for this trend number six is the oversized blazer.

I feel like I buy a new blazer every year because the fit always changes like the trend stays the same with a black blazer but then the fit of the blazer changes trend number seven is polka-dots I think polka dots are so cute and I think this trend has been around like last year too try number eight I had to do a little switcheroo with a skirt because I just wasn't liking this slit but for try number eight is like a skirt suit I want to live in this outfit all spring in all summer very like Emily Reggie Kowski it is very 90s 80s inspired you to need to the see.

We got the music play cuz life is down history trend number nine is leather pants instead of leather legging so again the wide leg or the straight leg silhouette I think it's so flattering and for the last, the trend is a bra top so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it leave me some trends you're excited for down below and if you're new to my channel please subscribe and I will see you guys next time

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