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How To Get Modeling Jobs For Beginners With No Experience

Hi today I'm gonna show you how to get a modeling job I am Daniel Moritz and this is the LM model lifestyle. Okay so how do you get a modeling job, well first you need to get a modeling agency if you want to know how to get a model agency then check out my video on how to get modeling the agency now you will also need a model portfolio which is a book of your best model photos in them check out my video on how to get a model portfolio but let's say you have a model agency and a model portfolio. 

There are two ways to get modeling jobs

1-you get the jobs through going to castings

2-The other way is through direct bookings

So what is casting well the casting is like a job interview your agency will send you to meet with a client.  When you get there you will show them your model portfolio and they will go through your pictures.

if they like you and your model portfolio then it might ask you to change into their clothes and also take some pictures.  They do this for two reasons first they need to see how their clothes fit on you and second, they need to see how you would pose so that they know how you would perform on the day of the photoshoot in this market.

we have to go to castings with Bookers in a van. We cannot go to the castings by ourselves because we cannot speak their language.

you also need to prepare yourself for the competition that you will encounter. There are a lot of models going for casting and they are all competing for the same job let's say your agency has five models that go to the casting but 10 agencies in the whole market means your competition is around 50 models and they all want the same job now.

 When the clients have seen all the models they will choose the model that they like the most. If they like your personality your modeling portfolio how the clothes fit on you and your poses then you might book the job.

The clients will then contact your model agency and set up a date for the modeling job and that is it you are booked.

 Now the second way to get booked for a modeling job is through direct bookings now how to do direct bookings work well the client books you for the job. just from seeing your photos online or they have worked with you before I want to use you again you do not need to do a casting for direct bookings they just booked you directly from the agency because they like you now diary bookings.

Can also be international for example. you might live in South Africa like I do and then the client contacts your model agency to book you for a job in Thailand, the client will normally pay for your flight your accommodation and all the other expenses in your time there.

So what kinds of modeling jobs are there, well let me explain some of the basic jobs there are photoshoots TV commercials campaigns fashion shows showrooms and events now.

some people have asked can I get a modeling job without an agency well the short answer is yes but it is extremely difficult if you are a new model.

 Some models have been modeling for years with different model agencies so they know the clients already but I would suggest not to try this at all because you do not know who you can trust.

This is especially dangerous for girls there are a lot of weird and dangerous people out there so be very careful a good a modeling agency that you can trust to send you the castings and direct bookings, that is the best way to get good quality modeling jobs now. Now if you want to know more about modeling check out my ebook down in the description alright.

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