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DIVA Best Modeling Agency Dubai

Family ecology is I'm the founder and CEO of diesel models um deep has been around since 2003. In 2003 when I came to Dubai I noticed that you know because I used to be model myself and I came here directly you know headed for direct bookings with photographers and it was ironically freelancers so that's when I decided to set up you know a company or a firm where models could actually go new faces could be launched portfolios could be started you know model training courses could come about initially was suppose to be a safe place for like young girls you know to to be able to go and you know be model and be safe and be open or have proper policies and procedures and copyright in place and not be exploited.

DIVA Best Modeling Agency Dubai

So that's who diva is the epitome of you know retaining the right way of the industry um so when we start off we found a lot of interesting talent like you know like Anna who's now very popular TV presenter or let's say Graciela who was here these are you know young girls who came here were working.

literacy and I was working in a restaurant in Atlantis and then when we found her we scouted her we you know offers to be put onto the Loreal ad that gave her her first big break today, she's on every holding in magazine that you can see so Eman or Anna for example.

 When she was a young girl out of college and then we trained her today she's on Virgin Radio she's one of the most popular you know our RJ's around so there's a lot of talent that we're always bringing on on onto the platform, so it's our only catering to the exclusive international global talent that we already have a pool off then. We have collaborations with but also the lot of local talent that we actually bring out from here and then I'll send out internationally my name is nippon I'm from India riginally but in depth all around the world, I grew as a Booker, I joined as a Booker so I came from the lowest level.

I grew pretty fast Deva factly has given us a platform team to excel and quite soon it was evident that I would be better off servicing all the big clients recent projects that I've done the Marks and Spencers fashion show into head production from speaking with the client coming up with the right models, that fit the brief casting the main show production the whole nine yards before that was involved in the Lamborghini.

Store launched into by mall average looking homemaker she's a mother she's.

just sitting at home, she's just thought okay let me give one in a chance and I mean she's that in that 17,000 days I was just looking I mean I then it came to us saying that they wanted the mid-thirties to to late thirties model I booked her again, a week later and now even the book is are we're okay Wow this this fish seems to work at the market she has pretty, hands as well I just prepare as a hand.

Model for a famous telecoms so yeah so she's happy we're happy hi my name is Fatima I'm from Philippines I've been with Deva for the past 10 years I'm one of the head booker so basically let's say if I have a client who are actually looking for a model specifically for the brand the client will send us a request so once from then we will send them an options of models based on the criteria that.

They are looking for from then of course it comes with a code and when the clients approved the code we will send them for a casting from the casting we will shortlist the models from then the client will confirm the models and of course we will do the shoot for the client it's uh my name's Ingrid and from the Philippines I've been working for Deva for five years now I started as a sixth at Booker now I'm the one of the head Booker and producer hearing people.

you can tell if the model is really eager to do modeling if he he or she hasa face she has a proper portfolio meaning you can present it to the client I do I have actually one of my register first registration in Deva he came here with a simple pictures I came here with a picture with kandura they came here, with a picture with him wearing a t-shirt but the picture was really nice once we start sending his picture to the client boom boom boom till now he's doing all the jobs even if you see him.

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